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Subject 6/29/20
Date June 29, 2020 1:20 PM
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Dear John,
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Happy Monday, Everyone!!

Washington, DC was designed and built for the expressed purpose of impressing foreign
dignitaries and heads of state with its grandeur and magnificence. Mobs of angry
anarchists and leftists who do not understand and fully appreciate American history,
both the good and the bad, have turned our showpiece capitol city into a post-apocalyptic
dystopian nightmare. On Saturday, the US Attorney for the District of Columbia announced
felony charges against four individuals for desecration of the statue of Andrew
Jackson in Lafayette Park. And so the effort to take America back has fully begun.
For the most part, the liberal media has buried the story.
The statue story has a fascinating footnote. In 2017, President Trump warned that
if government acquiesced and statues of Confederate heroes were allowed to be torn
down by angry mobs, next time around the statues that were destroyed would include
Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. Of course, the liberal commentators fell over
themselves ridiculing Trump at that time. Today, Trump's prescience is nothing less
than astonishing.

The second story of national scope concerns COVID-19. It is unquestionable that
the virus is spreading as people are no longer sheltering in place. This round of
infection seems to be most prevalent among younger people, who have been quickest
to resume social gatherings, and to ignore safety protocols. It is also inarguable
that testing has expanded exponentially, and as a result, more and more asymptomatic
cases that previously would have gone undiagnosed and unreported are now being reported.
Here on the Treasure Coast, while infection numbers climb rapidly, hospital admissions
remain flat, as do mortality rates.
And again, there is a fascinating footnote. Over the past few months, the media
were quick to make pronouncements regarding their version of good science, and their
version of bad science, demonizing the latter to the level of alchemy. One quick
example was the media's derision of the idea that bright sunlight would help fight
the virus. Now that it is definitively proven that 37 minutes of exposure to bright
sunshine does kill the virus, the media has pulled back from that story line. The
new party line in the liberal media is that the COVID-19 scientific data has suddenly
turned opaque. Apparently, it is easier to blame the data than it is to admit to
months of false reporting.
And locally...
Republican clubs are still dealing with their venue issues.
The Sunrise Republican Club reports that it is currently not meeting due to COVID-19
but it is reviewing its options, perhaps with Zoom, and may do something in August.
The Republican Club of Indian River, Inc. is working on a September event. As details
solidify, more news will follow.
Click on this link to email me: [mailto:[email protected]]
Joe Saul
Secretary Indian River County REC [[link removed]]


Joe Saul
Indian River County Republican Executive Committee

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