From Team Johnson <[email protected]>
Subject Fwd: Law & Order
Date June 27, 2020 2:09 PM
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96 Friend,

Mike wrote you the other day. If you missed his
message, you can read it below.

As you know, he is LEADING the fight
to elect a new conservative House majority... and the stakes have never
been higher.

Radical-left extremism has taken hold like never before
in the Democratic Party.

They’ve come completely unhinged, pushing
for open borders, gun grabs, and now openly supporting the INSANE
movement to defund police!

It’s vital that we take back the House 129
days from today, and STOP the push to force Joe Biden down our throats.
America’s future is on the line.

He has done enough damage over his
THIRTY YEARS of failed “leadership”!

Help sustain Mike’s work in this
fight. We still need to raise $8,435 online to reach our end-of-quarter
fundraising goal.
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this link to chip in $5, $10, $25, or $50 today... or more if you can.
Thank you, Friend.

- Team Johnson
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with Mike! >> From: Mike Johnson
Date: Thursday, June 25, 2020
Subject: Law & Order
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We are facing unprecedented challenges in America
today. Our great country is burning, and the rule of law is being

Radical leftists across the country are setting up
"autonomous zones" in American cities, and working to "defund the
police" and advance socialism. And Joe Biden and leading Democrats are
cheering them along!

It's never been more important to speak up and
engage, and to help elect a new conservative majority in Congress. We
simply can't afford another two years with Nancy Pelosi in the
Speaker's office.
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Will you please chip in $5 right now to fight back against all this

We have an important deadline in just a few days. It's the
FEC end-of-quarter, and we want to send a strong message that Americans
aren't going to stand for the leftist garbage coming from so many of my
Democrat colleagues.

People realize that we have to maintain law and
order to enjoy all the freedoms we have here in America. Violent,
destructive, lawless mobs cannot be tolerated, and security must be
restored. Democrats have shown they won't do that, but Republicans can
and will.

Will you help us hit our goal before midnight on June 30th
by donating today?

Every dollar we raise helps us reach more voters
and get them to the polls, to elect conservative candidates who will
fight to preserve freedom, security and opportunity in our great

Thank you sincerely for your support,

Mike Johnson
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