Workers are the backbone of NC’s economy. I’m running to be the champion they deserve in the Department of Labor. I hope you'll support my campaign!

Dear John,

I’m not running for Labor Commissioner just to put my photo in our elevators-- I’m running to ensure livable wages, safe work environments, and family-friendly policies for all workers.

The Department of Labor should be a resource to both workers and businesses, but that is not our current reality. We are experiencing a public health crisis that has shaken our economy and yet our state has failed to expand Medicaid, improve unemployment benefits, or raise the minimum wage. 

I have spent my career advocating for workers’ rights. We can take back our Labor Department and restore the balance that has been denied to our workers for far too long. 

The most important fundraising deadline of our campaign is just days away. If you support working families, contribute $5, $10, or another amount right now. Every dollar matters; prove that our workers matter. 

Yours truly,

Jessica Holmes

Committee to Elect Jessica Holmes
P.O. Box 10391
Raleigh, NC 27605
United States

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