Our July meeting will feature a panel discussion and Q&A on "The Intersection of Climate Justice, Activism, and White Supremacy".

The Climate Crisis and Racial Injustice

Our July meeting will feature a panel discussion and Q&A on “The Intersection of Climate Justice, Activism, and White Supremacy.” We’ll have a powerful panel of speakers including Dominique Thomas, 350.org Northeast Regional Organizer, and Mark Winston Griffith, ED of Brooklyn Movement Center.

Mark Winston Griffith

Brooklyn Movement Center

Dominique Thomas


More details to follow in our next newsletter, but mark your calendars now for Thursday, July 9th at 7:30pm!


The sustained protests in support of Black Lives Matter are bringing renewed attention to the deep links between the climate crisis and the crisis of racial inequality. To get you thinking further, check out the following:

1. Brooklyn Student Podcast: Climate Change is Racial Injustice

A podcast on climate and race by Brooklyn high school students that won a grand prize in NPR’s Student Podcast Challenge. Listen.

2. 15 EcoWatch Stories on Environmental and Racial Injustice

A wide-ranging selection of stories about environmental and racial injustice, including environmental racism at EPA, the unequal risks of lead poisoning, coronavirus in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley, and African-Americans’ disproportionate exposure to extreme heat. Here’s the list.

3. What does pollution have to do with police violence?

University of California researchers studied the role of environmental factors in police killings of Black men. “A lot of the time, people who are killed by the police already have some sort of vulnerability [obesity, asthma, or hypertension]…and their vulnerability gets weaponized against them. There’s nothing inherent or genetic about why communities of color are dying at higher rates from COVID and asthma or police brutality. These are social and structural problems.” Read.

4. Black Moms Matter: Climate Change Tied to Pregnancy Risks, Affecting Black Mothers Most

“Women exposed to high temperatures or air pollution are more likely to have premature, underweight, or stillborn babies, a look at 32 million U.S. births found.” Read.

The issues couldn’t be more urgent. We hope you’ll be part of the July 9 discussion.

Take the Plastic-Free July Challenge!

If you feel frustrated like we do about the plastic problem, join us in committing to reduce your personal plastic use. By taking the challenge, each week you’ll get an email with 1) tips to plan ahead and keep you motivated, and 2) an action you can take as part of a collective effort to keep single-use plastic out of our communities. You’ll also be able to join the Facebook group we’ve created for the challenge, where you can share resources, recipes, tips and more. Together we can be a part of the solution! Sign up here to join the challenge.

Zero Waste Showcase

Friday, June 26, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

If you’re looking for alternatives to single-use plastics, you can register for the Zero Waste Showcase on Friday, June 26, from 8:00–10:00. Several companies will present products and services that reduce waste, and they’ll answer viewers’ questions. Register here.

ReWIND Act: Keep the Pressure on Jeffries!

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries has been slow to recognize the urgency of the climate crisis, so we persist in educating him. Up next is another stimulus package, the ReWIND act. This would stop any more money from going to the fossil fuel industry, directing it instead to people and small businesses. Especially if you are in Jeffries’ district, call him with a message: “Support the ReWIND Act!” The number is 866-946-1541.

Join Our Legislation Committee

350Brooklyn’s Legislation Committee will meet on Monday, June 29, at 7 pm. If you’d like to work on the Federal Green New Deal, NY Renews, the NYS Green New Deal or other state-focused legislation, join us! To get the Zoom link, send an email to [email protected].

Contact your City Council Member to Expand and Strengthen the #DirtyBuildingBill!

Last year 350Brooklyn helped pass a landmark bill in NYC City Council to dramatically reduce emissions from the city’s largest buildings. The law can now be expanded to cover many more polluting buildings, thanks to new progressive legislation in Albany protecting rent stabilized tenants from rent hikes associated with major capital improvements.

Seven council members have co-sponsored the bill, but only two Brooklyn members are on board so far, Brad Lander and Anthony Reynoso. We need more! Can you contact your Council Member, and urge them to co-sponsor Intro 1947? Here are talking points and instructions, courtesy of New York Communities for Change.

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