Quick update to our alert that we sent out earlier today. The Rules Committee meeting was postponed until tomorrow at 2:30pm. You still have time to call and email to make sure that our concealed carry weapons permitting system is not weakened and EMS workers cannot carry concealed while on the job.?



John --?

Late yesterday, some members of the NC General Assembly gutted an unrelated bill and put in language that would:

  • Weaken the concealed carry weapons permitting system by making it easier for someone to renew their permit without repeating a firearms safety and training course. The permit is good for 5 years. A lot can change in five years. Many people already feel that the training is inadequate. We need to strengthen our permitting system and not weaken it.
  • Exempt emergency medical services personnel from the general prohibition against concealed weapons if they meet certain criteria. We do not need more people with even less training than law enforcement carrying deadly weapons.?

We need you to contact key representatives below now and urge them to vote against these dangerous provisions. These representatives are all Republicans who voted against the permitless carry bill in 2017.

The message is simple: I urge Representative _____ to work to remove provisions of the PCS (proposed committee substitute) for S156 that would weaken our concealed carry weapons permitting system and allow EMS personnel to carry concealed while on the job.?

Thank you for taking this quick but important action!

Rep. Ted Davis - 919-733-5786, [email protected]

Rep. John Faircloth - 919-733-5877, [email protected]

Rep. John Fraley - 919-733-5741, [email protected]

Rep. Frank Iler - 919-301-1450, [email protected]

Rep. Chuck McGrady - 919-733-5956, [email protected]


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