From George Buck <[email protected]>
Subject RE: Defend our history!
Date June 22, 2020 4:43 PM
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Airborne veteran & retired firefighter George Buck here. I am sick of these socialists & am running against Charlie Crist. I need to raise $50k by June 30th. We are way short. Can you pitch in $35, $60, $100 or more right now to help?


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Hi John,

I’m George Buck. I’m a former member of the 101st Airborne Division, President of the 101st Airborne Association (FL), an Army veteran, a retired firefighter injured in the line of duty, a counterterrorism and bioterrorism expert…. And I will be the one to knock out Democrat Charlie Crist in 2020!

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I am a traditionalist, and as a military veteran, I appreciate the statues that show our history- both for good and for ill.

I am angry about the violent rioters we have seen take over city after city at the invitation of these "woke" liberal mayors.

It makes me sick. We need to take our country back!

There's a lot about these riots that disturbs me. The murders, the violent attacks on police, the burning of homes and businesses, the destruction of poor neighborhoods by Antifa terrorists, are all appalling.

But as a military veteran, one the things that really gets me is the intentional destruction of history by the domestic terrorists.

It's happening all over the country. Originally, they just wanted to tear down monuments of Confederate soldiers. But you KNOW it was not going to end there- because it's not the Confederacy they hate, it's America they hate!

First, it was the statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond. If not for a state judge, that statue would have been torn down by Antifa. Three statues -- those of Confederate Gen. Williams Carter Wickham, Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Christopher Columbus -- were torn down over a five-day span in June. The statue of Columbus was thrown into a lake.

Then it was Christopher Columbus- though he wasn't tied to the slave trade, several cities have had their statues of Columbus taken down- and now the City of Columbus, OH is even considering changing its name?!? The Socialist state of California is taking the statue of Columbus out of its Capitol Building.

Of course, they were never going to stop with Confederates and explorers.

The Thomas Jefferson statue at Jefferson High School in Portland was torn down Sunday night.

Monday morning, the statue was found lying on the ground near the track at the school. The statue is mostly still intact, but the words "slave owner" were spray-painted on its base.

A large group of protesters gathered at Jefferson High School before marching to Alberta Park Sunday night. They were rallying against police brutality and in support of racial equality. The group that gathered is the same group that's been rallying at Revolution Hall.

Don't like Thomas Jefferson? How about George Washington, the Founder of the Republic, who liberated us from British oppression?

A statue of George Washington was pulled down by protesters on Thursday night, which was Juneteenth eve, reports CBS Portland affiliate KOIN-TV. The nation's first president owned slaves.

KOIN said Thursday marked the 21st day of demonstrations for racial justice and police reform sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. Two groups — Rose City Justice and Lavender Caucus — hosted a sit-in rally at Jefferson High School in the evening where community members shared their experiences with racism with a crowd of a few hundred.

A separate group of about 20 people met around 10 p.m. at the site of the large bronze statue of Washington.

Some wrapped the statue's head in an American flag and lit the flag on fire.

Their numbers grew over the next hour until there were enough people to pull it down. They quickly scattered.

Career Democrat politicians got us into this crisis. They are the ones who refuse to protect the innocent citizens being butchered by rioters. They are the ones who allowed radicalized young people to burn whole cities. They want the support of these radicals and they are willing to fan the flames of hate to burn down our country so Joe Biden can be King of the Ashes.

Looking at these sad sack career politicians, I think they are scared that people will see them for the absolute frauds they are!!!

Republicans must be better. We must defend our rights, our lives, our property and our history. It is clear the career politicians will not!

But there is hope. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE ON OUR SIDE HERE. Equal justice under law!

A new Rasmussen poll found the only subgroups to say #BlackLivesMatter matches their view more than #AllLivesMatter are liberals (63%) and those making over $200,000 a year (53%).

Proving that this is all nothing more than rich spoiled liberals virtue signaling.


When I was a fireman, it didn't matter what race or gender you were. Nor how much money you had or where you came from. We helped everyone, rescued everyone, because..... wait for it..... ALL LIVES MATTER!


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I will hold the feckless career politicians like Bill DeBlasio, Lori Lightfoot, Muriel Bowser, or Charlie Crist to account. I won't let them get away with what they did to drive this crisis out of control! Will you rush back $35, $60, $100, $250, or more right now so that I can get to Congress and stick it to the harmful Fake News media?

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The country is starving for leadership. And we need our history! And President Trump needs allies- REAL allies- right now. That’s why I’m asking for your help.

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Defeating Turncoat Charlie Crist won’t be easy. He’s a career politician with powerful friends, and someone who is just a little too cozy in DC.

But as I always say, I like to kick ass and chew gum. And I am all out of gum.

Will you contribute $25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 or more to help me flip this swing seat from Blue to Red?

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I have an important fundraising deadline at the end of this month. I need $50,000 more to keep up with Charlie Crist- and I'm falling behind.

That's why I need your help so urgently. Our Republic needs better leaders who won't fan the flames of hate like these Liberal Democrats.

Beat Charlie Crist, beat Pelosi. I can do it - but I need YOUR help urgently!

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For God and Country,


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Dr. George Buck, Jr.

101st Airborne Division

Republican Candidate for Congress, FL-13


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P.S. Every donation matters. Even $15, $35, or $60 or more will go a long way. But I must get it before the end of the month.

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Thank you and God bless. - George

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