Trump isn’t wasting any time after Xavier’s landmark DACA win at the Supreme Court — which affirmed the right of hundreds of thousands of Dreamers to keep living and working in our communities.
At his rally last night, Trump said that he intends to “refile” his plan to end deportation protections for Dreamers. 
We’ll do whatever we have to — just like we’ve done with our 84 other lawsuits against the President. But one thing is certain: Our fight holding the Trump administration accountable is far from over. 
No matter what’s next, we’re not waiting for November to beat Trump. Xavier is beating him in the courts now:
MSNBC's Chris Hayes: The man who won the DACA case and beat Trump: California Attorney General Xavier Becerra
Our DACA victory was just the latest in a long list of wins. From safeguarding affordable healthcare to defending the environment, Trump keeps losing in the courts because the rule of law is on our side, and so are grassroots supporters like you. 
Team, we’re winning, but this isn’t over. With the President’s continued threats and harmful agenda, we can’t back down. Can you stand with us today?
Thank you, 
Team Becerra 


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