Right now, our country is hurting from the economic impact of the coronavirus. More than 20 million Americans have lost their jobs, including tens of thousands in Oklahoma. I’m confident we’ll turn it around—just look at last month’s jobs report—but make no mistake: coronavirus has hurt our economy.
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Hi ,

While families are feeling the impact of the coronavirus lockdowns on the economy, Americans haven't given up hope. The latest unemployment numbers show millions of people are already going back to work, and that will continue to increase as more and more states lift their restrictions.

When we reopen, our economy will be stronger than ever before. President Trump helped create the greatest American economy in my lifetime, and I am ready to help him do it again.

Our recovery won't be possible if liberal Democrats get their way and force climate change legislation down our throats. In the midst of our recovery they're still talking about the Green New Deal!

I need your help to stop this disastrous legislation dead in its tracks. Support my fight to kill the Green New Deal right now with a quick donation of $30 or more.

Over the past three years, the Trump Administration has pursued a successful policy of deregulation. House and Senate Republicans have helped by passing legislation that eliminates burdensome laws and regulations to free the American economy.

The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act also helped by allowing taxpayers to keep more of their hard-earned money, and allowing corporations to invest in American workers.

The Green New Deal will do the opposite.

In addition to imposing outrageous new climate change regulations, it proposes eliminating all air travel, ending our use of oil and gas, and banning cattle farming across the United States. It would cost $93 trillion dollars over the next decade--an increase of more than $75,000 in annual costs per household!

In other words, Democrats want to simultaneously increase travel costs, electricity costs, and food costs for every single American.

I am working hard to make sure the Green New Deal never becomes law, but I need to know that you are behind me. Show me you have my back with a one time donation of $45 right now.

I will always support hardworking American families, and do everything in my power to make their lives better. Right now, that means defeating the Green New Deal.

It is the single most destructive piece of legislation that I've seen since Obamacare and threatens to harm an even larger portion of our economy. I won't let that happen as long as I'm in the Senate.

Stand with me today and together we can ensure the Green New Deal never becomes law.

Thank you and God Bless,
Jim Inhofe
U.S. Senator |

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