From Xavier Becerra <[email protected]>
Subject Banning chokeholds + much more
Date June 17, 2020 11:31 PM
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Right now, our nation has been called to reckon with police brutality against people of color and the systemic failures that cause and allow this misconduct to perpetuate. We must take action -- and we must do so now. That's why this week I announced a broad plan for police reforms and proactive efforts to protect lives in California.

Add your name if you think it's time to address police reform in this country.

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The proposal builds on police reform recommendations I called for over a year and a half ago -- and I'm now urging that they are implemented in police departments across California. In this reform agenda, I'm calling on law enforcement agencies across the state to take action by implementing the reforms below, along with other policy changes:

-- Banning chokeholds and carotid restraints
-- Requiring officers to intervene to stop another officer from using excessive force
-- Requiring officers to deescalate situations, when possible, before using force
-- Prohibiting officers from shooting the driver or passenger of a car unless there is an imminent threat of death or serious injury
-- Requiring comprehensive reporting that includes both uses of force and threats of force

Additionally, as part of this reform package, I'm highlighting the need for -- and my support of -- criminal justice reform legislation that will:

-- Decertify law enforcement officers for serious misconduct
-- Expand reviews of law enforcement policies and practices
-- Require policies and training on bias and profiling
-- Place clear limits on crowd control techniques during protests
-- Forbid the use of pepper spray against children in juvenile detention
-- Reexamine the role of police in addressing homelessness and mental health crises

Add your name if you support police reform efforts and agree now is the time for action.

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Although these proposals and others like them are just an initial step, they represent an important step forward in improving public trust, increasing transparency and accountability, and reducing excessive force.

Communities across the country have courageously spoken up to demand change. We cannot afford to ignore the realities faced by Black Americans and people of color in this nation.

Thank you for being in this fight to demand an end to police brutality and working toward justice in our country.




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