There’s a grim reality hidden in plain sight within the Republican crusade to destroy the Affordable Care Act: Communities of color could be hit the hardest at a time when they are already disproportionately impacted by this pandemic.
Millions of people of color have gained health coverage under the ACA — and Trump is trying to horrifically take it away. While there is certainly more work to do, the law has been our best and most effective tool to address racial health disparities in our communities. 
In addition to protecting 133,000,000 Americans of all backgrounds with pre-existing conditions, the ACA has opened the door to those historically shut out from access to health coverage. Lets not rip away these healthcare gains.
Multiple studies have shown the law has improved health access for communities of color. Since the ACA took effect, the uninsured rate has been reduced by over 40% in the African American and Latino communities according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Work remains, but this is real progress worth fighting for
We can’t let President Trump take our healthcare away. Not now. Not ever. Team, will you sign your name if you agree?
Thank you, 
Team Becerra


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