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The racist oppressive systems that have led to the state-sponsored police violence that is taking the lives of Black people are the same systems that subject us to the psychological violence of evictions, and strangle us with sky-high rents. And with the looming threat of a pandemic-induced tsunami of evictions, and subsequent escalation of homelessness, that violence draws closer.

We’re taking action to change that.

Today, Assemblymember Chiu introduced Assembly Bill 1436 the “COVID-19 Eviction Protection and Housing Stability Act.” The bill prohibits landlords from ever evicting tenants based on any unpaid rent accrued during the state of emergency and through 90 days after.  

As we fight to liberate Black lives from physical violence, we must pass this bill to prevent the violence caused by housing insecurity, displacement and homelessness. Click to urge the Senate Judiciary Committee members to vote yes on AB1436!

AB 1436 is being moved amidst a growing call for holistic solutions to racial violence in California. It connects to the housing solutions being lifted up under the umbrella of a Black New Deal. Started in Oakland, one of the core principles of the Black New Deal and the movement for black liberation is housing justice. Preventing police-enforced evictions of tenants  who were unable to pay rent during  the pandemic  is a critical piece to protecting communities from additional housing policy violence.

Take 1 minute to email, tweet at, and call Senate Judiciary Members to urge them to stand for racial and housing justice and prevent police-enforced evictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic!

While billionaires have gotten half-a-trillion dollars richer since the start of the pandemic, far too many of the 17 million Californians who rent  worry about getting evicted by police, and not surviving through the summer. There is so much to be done to heal from this moment, but the least we can do is give renters the assurance that the consequences of the pandemic will not fall on them. 

Urge Senate Judiciary members to vote yes on AB 1436!

Our time is now.

In solidarity, 

Sasha Graham, ACCE Action Board Chair

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