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Subject Police Accountability is not an Ask!
Date June 10, 2020 11:29 PM
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Action NC’s mission is to promote racial justice and economic equity through grassroots education, base-building and leadership development, mobilization and direct action, and increased voter participation.

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To everyone who has turned out to lift up your voice and put your body on the line for racial justice and equality, we thank you.

To everyone who has turned out against 400 years of systemic and structural racism, we thank you.

To everyone who has turned out against the violence, oppression, poverty, and disenfranchisement that black 

community has had to endure, we thank you. 

We are inspired by you as we work side by side with you. And with you, and because of you, we believe that we will win.  

Through our project Safe Coalition NC, we are proud of our victories that have promoted criminal justice reform and police accountability in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. Together with our coalition partners, we have

- Reformed the Citizens Review Board 
- Changed Charlotte police profiling procedures
- Ended juvenile solitary confinement 
- Stopped Mecklenburg County’s 287g agreement
- Won a two-year campaign for holster monitors for all Charlotte police officers
- Won a meaningful duty to intervene policy from the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s department

These are all reforms we have organized and fought for, and played a central role in making happen. We’ve worked tirelessly for reforms and accountability, and we will continue to do so.

But we have also always recognized that no amount of criminal justice reform or police accountability can fix what has been fundamentally broken through 400 years of racist discrimination and oppression. Only an equitable redistribution of economic and political power that allows all of us to share in our nation’s prosperity will make things right. Only our fair share of seats in the public and private halls of power will make things right. 

So the battle continues for decolonizing wealth and power through further criminal justice and policing reform; equal access to healthcare, quality public education, and affordable housing; jobs that pay a living wage, expansion of worker and immigrant rights; greater protection of voting rights and electoral and campaign finance reform; and much more. 

So let’s keep fighting for whatever creates immediate improvements in the lives of black and brown families and communities. Let’s keep fighting for everyone who is made poor by a system that impoverishes our nation’s soul and its people. 

But let’s also keep our eyes on the prize, and not let up in the streets, on the doors, or in every space where we can press our demands in a mighty roar for what has always been rightfully ours.

One thing we can all do right now is to support the Defund Police movement so that we can make investments in communities that will make a real difference, rather than merely contain and perpetuate problems and injustices so many would rather pretend do not exist. 

Governor Cooper has just announced a Racial Justice Task Force. As always, talk is good. But action is better. Some recommendations this task force must make if it is going to promote real change include:

- Uniform oversight of law enforcement across the state
- Any changes must include police departments, sheriffs’ offices, AND private security firms
- All cities should be allowed to have Citizens Review Boards with subpoena, investigative and decision-making power.
- Remove loopholes that protect police from prosecution

We do believe that we will win, and that victory begins with each and every one of us. Thanks for all you have done, and will continue to do. We’ll be right there with you.

Robert Dawkins

Action NC Political Director

Safe Coalition NC Director
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Action NC - Durham, NC 27701, United States
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