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Subject Why Is Data Science Losing Its Charm? | Harshit Ahuja in Towards Data Science
Date June 10, 2020 12:00 PM
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Today's highlights

Why Is Data Science Losing Its Charm? ([link removed])

Data science was once the most loved career option but the trends are changing.
Harshit Ahuja ([link removed])
in Towards Data Science ([link removed])
4 min read

Yes, All White People Are Racist ([link removed])

And the sooner White folks realize it, the sooner we can begin mending our broken country.
Marley K. ([link removed])
13 min read

Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop ([link removed])

I was a police officer for nearly ten years and I was a bastard. We all were.
Officer A. Cab ([link removed])
22 min read

7 Signs You're Dating an Emotionally Immature Adult ([link removed])

It's hard to be happy in an unhealthy relationship
Nick Wignall ([link removed])
in Personal Growth ([link removed])
11 min read

In case you missed it

Why You're Eating the Wrong Cinnamon ([link removed])

And the potentially devastating effects it has on your body
Jonathan Adrian ([link removed])
6 min read

Maintaining Professionalism In The Age of Black Death Is….A Lot ([link removed])

I just witnessed the lynching of a black man, but don't worry Ted, I'll have those deliverables to you end of…
Shenequa Golding ([link removed])
3 min read

Content Used to Be King. Here's What's Next ([link removed])

Simply sharing another article or video isn't enough anymore
Dave Schools ([link removed])
in Entrepreneur's Handbook ([link removed])
6 min read

Quick reads

Thanks Bernie, But We Got it From Here. ([link removed])

We tried the political revolution. It's time for more.
Lauren Martinchek ([link removed])
3 min read

Do We Really Need Our Bras? ([link removed])

They're uncomfortable. They're expensive. They can't be tumble dried. But most women are unwilling to go…
Jennifer R. Povey ([link removed])
in The Illusion of Choice ([link removed])
4 min read

This Is What Happens to Markets When You Print Trillions of Dollars ([link removed])

Everyone's buying bankrupt companies and frauds. God help us.
Concoda ([link removed])
in Concoda ([link removed])
4 min read

Most read

Facing My Limiting Beliefs Transformed My Life ([link removed])

To live the life you want, you must first acknowledge what's holding you back
Don Johnson ([link removed])
in Human Parts ([link removed])
6 min read

Editors' picks

Existing Within a System That Won't Save You ([link removed])

The one time you fight back could be your last
Stephonn Alcorn ([link removed])
in Human Parts ([link removed])
8 min read

Efficiency Won't Keep Your Business Alive ([link removed])

Strict rules for business are now a liability, while the messiness of improvisation has become key to…
Ana Andjelic ([link removed])
in Marker ([link removed])
5 min read

Your Instagram Story Is Not Enough ([link removed])

After social media forgets, what are you doing to fight for Black lives?
Leina Gabra ([link removed])
in ZORA ([link removed])
7 min read

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