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My name is Alek Skarlatos, I am a former National Guardsman, an American Patriot, a proud Republican, and recently I secured the Republican nomination in Oregon's 4th district to take on one of the swampiest Democrats in Washington - a man who's been in DC since 1986!

You may recognize me from the film the 15:17 to Paris, directed by Clint Eastwood.


I had just finished serving our great nation in Afghanistan when I decided to take a vacation with my two childhood friends in Europe during 2015. We were traveling on a Paris-bound train when a terrorist armed with a gun, a jar of gasoline, and 270 rounds of ammunition attempted to take over our train and kill us all.

My two best friends, brave travelers and I made the decision to stand up for freedom in the face of terrorism - we took out this threat and saved countless lives. Most importantly, we did it together, as a team.

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Just like my friends and I had each other's backs on that fateful day, I am asking you to have mine in this fight against an entrenched liberal Democrat that has been in office for over 33 years.

There are reasons people don't go into war alone - defeating an enemy requires a squad, a platoon, a team focused on one mission and willing to give it all they got! As a veteran running for Congress, I know I need a team of grassroots conservatives to help me win, which is why I am reaching out to you.

Can I count on you to follow me into battle, John?

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God bless,
Alek Skarlatos
Republican for Congress

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