Do you remember Dr. Anthony Fauci?
It’s possible Donald Trump doesn’t -- seeing as how, according to Dr. Fauci himself, the president is no longer speaking with him.
A tweet from @jimsciutto reads "Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of NIAID & member of Coronavirus Task Force, tells me he has not spoken or met with President in 2 weeks & his contact w/Trump has become much less frequent. Their last interaction was May 18, during teleconference with the nation's governors."
Source: Twitter
It looks like instead of firing Dr. Fauci, Trump has decided it’s much easier to just pretend like the country’s leading infectious disease expert doesn’t exist. 
Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci is voicing concerns over the risks of reopening the country -- but right now, no one in the White House seems to care. Do you? Tell us:
Do you support Dr. Fauci?
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