Whether on the ground or online, here are ways you can stay safe

Hey Friend,

The more #BlackLivesMatter protests sweep the nation, the more we see the courage of our fellow leaders and crave to jump into action for our Black community members.

For me, as an organizer on the ground, jumping into action requires an important consideration: how are we, as undocu folks, staying safe in the process? 🤔

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a few tips that’ll help keep us safe, check them out! 👇🏽

Keep yourself safe on the ground:


Or click on the image to check it out!

Keep yourself safe online:


Friend, with these digital and physical safety tips, you’ll be ready to show up for our Black communities in no time.

Also, make sure you share these tips widely so we can reach even more folks with this important information:

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With love,

Cynthia and the rest of the UWD Team

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