The Trump administration has been using “religious liberty” as a way to undermine the rights of the LGBTQ community -- who are now at their most vulnerable point.
NBC News reports that in May 2019, Trump’s Department of Health and Human Services “proposed a rule to roll back nondiscrimination protections in the Affordable Care Act” and “finalized a health care refusal rule that would broaden the ability of health providers to refuse to provide particular medical services because of religious or moral objections.”
Trump’s Health Department has also proposed a rule to allow foster and adoption agencies to deny same-sex parents -- and gave federally-funded foster care agencies in South Carolina permission to deny services to same-sex or non-Christian couples.
It’s despicable that the president would use religion as a way to strip away the civil rights progress of the last decade -- but that’s exactly what he’s doing. 55% of voters say Trump will win in November -- if he does, his attacks will only grow worse. The best way for us to ring in Pride Month is to stop Trump dead in his tracks. Tell us:
Should Congress act now to protect the LGBTQ community?
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