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Just wanted to give a quick reminder to monitor your state's voter registration deadlines and encourage people to get it done today! Please Forward this email to your friends!

Click here to register RIGHT NOW (Rock the Vote)

General Election Registration Deadlines for Every State (Marie Claire)

Texas: We noticed you must be registered by Monday, June 15 to vote in the July 14th primary runoff that will determine who faces John Cornyn. While we're not leaning toward a candidate, it's shown that greater primary election participation translates into easier fundraising and higher turnout for the candidate in the general election. It would be great to bounce John Cornyn after coming so close to Ted Cruz, so vote! 

Speaking of Texas, heres the Voting is Not a Crime PSA we filmed in Austin. We hope you will download and share til youri hearts content. Every little bit helps.

Download the Voting is Not a Crime MP4 (45mb) to share on your socials.
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Why we’re donating to the Republican National Committee

We were inspired by this hilarious and impossible-not-to-click post we came across online, Here’s Why I’m Donating to the Trump Campaign (and You Should, Too). We thought we’d put our own twist on it and mail our 1¢ donation to be shared amongst the whole of the RNC.

Trace summarizes what we learned from Mr. Dalla:

This is called “caging.” When opened 'll get listed as a campaign donor in the RNC database. It's FEC law. They'll process my check— for sure. So for one penny, I'm officially a Trump donor (no pain no gain) and they'll blow money for an eternity trying to get me to donate.

Every Republican candidate who buys the “Trump donor list” will waste time on me while my modest investment-donation will cost them far more than they will ever receive. It’s a simple but effective means of protest. Death by a thousand paper cuts.

Now imagine thousands of Americans doing the same thing. Sending donations of just $0.01 to put a drag on the RNC. Donor lists are worth a fortune and they get sold over and over again so Republicans will effectively be spending cash on wasted solicitations ad nauseum.

I know this isn't the most environmentally friendly means protest and that sucks. On the sunny side gumming up the system is good for morale plus people love getting mail. It's just that $.01 checks are real pain in the ass. 

If you've got a stamp and envelope and are up for the challenge the address is

Presidential Advisory Board 

Republican National committee 

PO box 96994 

Washington DC 20090 - 6994

First episode of the IXNAY podcast is live! Listen now!

The first episode of IXNAY podcast, hosted by Trace Crutchfield, is live! We try to put a little fun back into American politics while giving you some practical tips to help ensure that we'll be able to free this country from Donald Trump's death-grip this November 3rd.

In this episode: we investigate the cost of advertising with America's number one carnival barker, fill you in on what the bookies say are the four swing states that may decide this election, and have a chat with the politically savvy and brilliantly foul mouthed David Guinan. Last but not least, we bring you a scene report from Steve Marsh, who calls in from Minneapolis in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

Tune In, Turn On, Vote Out!

Listen right now in your browser via Anchor, or via any of the podcast providers below:

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So monitor registration dates like you're a mother hen, share the voting is not a crime PSA, and subscribe to podcast. It's guaranteed to for one laugh every episode. 

Got a phone? We want you on the podcast!

We want to know what’s on your mind. Tell us about the lay of the land, politically speaking, where you live. Ring up (512) 766-8279 and leave us a message, or MaximumRocknroll it and leave us a full-on Scene Report.

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