From Elad Gross <[email protected]>
Subject Policing in Missouri - Town Hall TONIGHT
Date June 4, 2020 5:47 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
We have a big lineup of online events, a new plan, and a fight with our Attorney General over his failed leadership.

Our Upcoming Open Town Halls

A jam-packed email, Missouri!

We have a HUGE lineup of guests on the #EladPod in the next few days. You can watch them all live and ask questions on our social media pages and at ([link removed])
Our Newest Plan: Diversity and Inclusion in Missouri Government

Today, we published our detailed plan to improve diversity and inclusion at the Attorney General's Office, in Missouri state government, and in the legal profession ([link removed]) . The Attorney General's Office is not representative of the People of Missouri, and we cannot continue this failed leadership that harms Missourians and continues brings us to crisis after crisis.

We are the only campaign for this office with plans. You can read them on our website ([link removed]) and join our advisory boards ([link removed]) .
Our Missouri Justice Initiative

Our Attorney General has demonstrated no leadership on fixing our broken justice system. Instead, he is sowing dissension to get retweets and having his dark money henchmen to take advantage of tragedy ([link removed][0]=68.ARDhTO-_f9Xq7gczhw7XqvD6-f0-LreZr3Jzq-PsGVev4RR7OYYe8hNUHyaLgDSySavoQlyGsCqrpob3vJ2oGO42jvEYbgUsyq92LoIufWw4JdaimQ8gOs06aDM36IcPfOZN1nrPETsV_GnJJotqnBVKM2xuTm5FQxEs1MBwADoBKdrXqcU2Y4Wov4UqIHyPxq-IbbgVAcLFsAEZppH3JuZg-jYPVVmSrc8wkBwz3FT_9GwGueconqNINCeIIobzXKHqQlPZgO5HgNBZFNJWcT7uZQv1bL8KYL0JkEEpAItG_5OpT4oT4GDwrEQ2PV1aDLEO_fsci1iT0g3GFNjYeXbj&__tn__=-R) . It's disgusting.

He has no plan, so I'm asking for yours. I've spent years working on building a true justice system in Missouri, and I want to hear from you. Share your ideas and see our initiative at ([link removed])
I Need Your Help.

Donate ([link removed])

I need your help to talk to over 100,000 Missourians about our campaign. We're getting closer, but we still need to raise almost $6,000 to reach folks by text and some by mail. For $20, we can reach over 250 people. Can you help? ([link removed])
Volunteer ([link removed])

We hold very engaging virtual volunteer events. Will you join us? ([link removed])
Endorse ([link removed])

By endorsing the campaign, you send a message that this campaign is backed by We the People. Can I have your endorsement? ([link removed])
Text Party on Saturday at 3 PM!

Join us for our text party right on Saturday at 3 PM! Register here ([link removed]) .

If there's anything you need, let me know. Reply to this email or send me a new email at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) .
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