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Subject (Breaking) HGH Now Fully Legal
Date June 4, 2020 5:31 PM
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If you are an aging American, this news could possibly change your
life…. _And you are one of the few hearing about this major

What do I mean?

_In this email, you are going to learn how to legally acquire the
benefits of Human-Growth-Hormone (HGH) without an expensive

_… And without risking going to jail._

This revolution could lead to you feeling years and years younger.

First of all, my name is Dr. Earl Mindell and I am the author of 'The
Vitamin Bible', the NY Times best-selling health guide.

Over the years, I have gotten to travel all over the world giving
lectures and one question pops up more consistently than any other

_What can I do to look and feel younger?_

Well, I had an answer, but for decades it was protected by hard to
get prescriptions and an insane cost.

Yes, this option was Human-Growth-Hormone therapy.

Essentially, it was totally out of reach unless you were rich or
elite due to the crazy monthly cost.

However, nothing defies age like HGH therapy, it has been the medical
“Fountain of Youth” for years.

This cutting-edge protocol has no equal when it comes to reversing
the signs of age and fully rejuvenating the human body.

Here is how it works (briefly)…. injected synthetic
Human-Growth-Hormone fully converts to IGF 1, which is the growth
factor for every living cell, the same growth factor that stops
appearing after 40 years old.

Historically, this could only, legally, be injected by an MD.

According to research, when IGF 1 is activated your skin heals
faster, your muscles recover and grow, your eyes function better and
your hair grows fully and longer.

Body fat even begins to fall off the body…. Every living aspect of
your body improves and “de ages”.

In many ways it is like the body grows younger… _which is why it is
so popular._

From Hollywood actors that seem to get younger as years go by, to
athletes competing at their “prime” well into their 40’s, _they
are all linking to this controversial compound._

This is also why the Olympics now have to test for it, it was
providing an unfair advantage.

These rich athletes could choose anything under the sun, and they
choose this incredible protocol.

Not to mention, they have kept choosing it for years which is why it
is stayed so controversial.

Research would agree, there is simply nothing better when trying to
control age…

So, there is no question that it works and works really well, but
until today_, it was very hard to access._

For example, Tiger Woods paid over $200,000 for his injections, over
63 office visits which many believe led to his historic comeback.

Linebacker Ray Lewis paid thousands to use IGF to help heal his
tricep before his winning Superbowl performance.

_It healed in weeks when it was previously injured for months._

Top golfer Vijay Singh paid thousands per shot to further his career
as he aged, known as the hardest working man on tour, playing and
practicing for hours without running out of energy.

This led to a major legal battle with the PGA Tour when they tried to
ban him.

_And the list goes on and on._

Now, here comes the great news… as of today, that barrier to entry
has evaporated for all aging Americans.

Why? A breakthrough has allowed for the natural extraction of IGF 1,
the very growth factor that HGH stimulates.

Plus, it is administered sublingually and available without a

Best of all, it is 100% drug-free making it totally legal to possess

>>> This page will explain everything that you need to know
[ [link removed] ]

This innovation will allow you to experience the potentially extreme
age-fighting effects of this incredible compound.

If you are over 40 years old, please read every word of the page
above as it could make a drastic difference in how you feel.

Dr. Earl Mindell

_P.S. This is not some knock off, it is purely extracted human growth
factor. _

_In fact, it is so powerful, it is still a banned ingredient for
tested sports, so please be careful. _

_This is the same type of growth factor, injected by a doctor, just
from a natural source._

_>>> Here is everything you need to know
[ [link removed] ]_

_P.P.S. In case you were wondering, it costs roughly 2% of the cost
of synthetic Human-Growth-Hormone._

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