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Subject Side by side
Date June 4, 2020 4:58 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
[ [link removed] ]Colorado’s Senate candidates are set for debates
Nine months after joining the race,
Andrew’s last remaining Democratic opponent has agreed to debate. Their
first bout: Tuesday, June 9—the first day ballots arrive.

Voters will finally get a chance to compare the two candidates, side by
side. Here are some of the key differences:




Romanoff:​ Andrew supports the [ [link removed] ]Green New Deal, prizes public health and
the environment, and refuses to accept contributions from the fossil fuel

Hickenlooper: ​Hick opposes the Green New Deal, sued communities that
tried to restrict fracking, and has taken a quarter of a million dollars
from the fossil fuel industry throughout his career.




Romanoff: ​Andrew fought the gun lobby, earned an F from the NRA, and
supports strong measures to [ [link removed] ]prevent gun violence.

Hickenlooper: ​Hick blamed his staff for making him sign a ban on
high-capacity magazines, saying he didn’t expect the bill to pass and
might not have signed it if he’d known it would be so “divisive.”




Romanoff: ​Andrew supports [ [link removed] ]Medicare for All, took on the for-profit
insurance industry, and led the fight for mental health care.

Hickenlooper: ​Hick not only opposes Medicare for All, he parrots the
insurance industry’s arguments against it—and compared progressives who
support it to “Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin.”

Here’s the good news: even a generic Democrat
beats Cory Gardner by double digits. Let’s replace Gardner with one of the
most effective legislative leaders in America—that’s Andrew—rather than a
candidate who repeatedly told us he’d be a “terrible” senator and wasn’t
cut out for the job!

The contrast is clear. [ [link removed] ]Will you help us share Andrew’s bold,
progressive vision by chipping in $5 or more right now?

Thank you!

Team Romanoff
Contribute to Andrew’s campaign: [link removed]

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