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Subject May Parkhurst Pulse
Date June 3, 2020 2:15 PM
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John --

Welcome to the May Parkhurst Pulse!

I hope you all had a happy and healthy May!

The General Assembly convened in Springfield May 20th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd for a Special Session at the Bank of Springfield Center. 

Please contact my District Office with any questions or concerns regarding state issues. We’re here to help!

Lindsay Parkhurst
79th District State Representative

Fighting For You!


I signed on and fully support HR859 which would require the legislature to debate and vote on the Governor's Restore Illinois Plan. As lawmakers, we cannot be written out of our job to represent our districts--and those who elected us. We must have a voice in how our state can move forward and best recover from this pandemic.


I voted NO on the budget bill because it depends on $5 billion in borrowed money with no fiscal reforms or necessary budget cuts. Also, the budget expands the Governor’s management authority giving him discretionary control over $3.8 Billion Dollars in CARES Act Federal Funds allowing him to make good on his threats to withhold funds to municipalities and agencies who did not follow his executive orders. The budget has no oversight to control how the Governor allocates this $3.8 Billion — totally at his discretion.
The budget should control how the CARES money is apportioned, but it does not. The budget gives emergency rule powers to the Governor which cedes the legislature’s control over how the money is spent and gives unchecked spending control to the Governor.

The Democrat’s FY21 budget spends $42.8 billion when the State is on track to bring in only $36.8 billion—with $5 billion of that from new borrowing. This creates a $6 billion deficit. The FY21 budget spends $2 billion MORE than the FY20 budget. This is a 6.8% INCREASE in spending when our state is in crisis. Illinois cannot afford a $6 billion deficit, $5 billion in new debt, and 6.8% in new spending.

Finally, Democrat’s budget contains a pay raise for legislators. It is unconscionable in the middle of a public health and financial crisis where thousands of Illinoisans are unemployed , families and businesses are struggling to survive, and state finances are obliterated that Democrat lawmakers want to and did raise their own pay. All Republicans voted NO on the budget.
This is a one-party budget presented with little notice and with limited time for debate on its 2,300 pages.

We have the toughest Coronavirus restrictions on families and small businesses in the nation. This budget is not what the people of Illinois want. They want transparency from their government. They want real, meaningful reforms. They want a fair and balanced budget for all—not a budget giving the Governor unfettered control to decide which departments and municipalities get money and which do not. They want us to work together as co-equal branches of government to manage the ongoing COVID-19 crisis response and recovery effort and to create a fair and responsible budget to get us on the road to financial recovery.
This is why I voted NO on the budget.

There are some updates to the Governor's 5-phase “Restore Illinois” plan to reopen our state:
Updates to Phase 3, beginning May 29th.

Bars and Restaurants

With Phase 3, bars and restaurants will have the option to resume operations for outdoor seating only. Tables must be six feet apart and away from the sidewalks, masks and distancing measures for staff must continue to be followed, and other precautions and guidance will be issued.

These measures will allow restaurants to re-open at a risk comparable to other outdoor activities, while giving the state’s hospitality industry a much-needed boost.

Outdoor Activities

With the start of Phase 3, all state parks will reopen on May 29. All concessions will reopen as well under guidelines set for our retail and food service businesses in Phase 3. Illinois will permit the re-opening of indoor and outdoor tennis facilities with Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) safety precautions and capacity limits.

For golf, in Phase 3, courses can allow foursomes out on the same tee times. Carts will also be permitted with one person per cart, or one immediate household per cart.

With the new ten person gathering limit for all activities in Phase 3, boating or camping with up to ten people will be permitted.
The state will be providing guidance on how other outdoor recreational businesses, such as driving ranges, outdoor shooting ranges, and paintball courses can safely open their doors in Phase 3.

Health Clubs, Retail, and Personal Care Services

In Phase 3, health clubs, gyms, and fitness studios can provide one-on-one personal training in indoor facilities and outdoor fitness classes of up to ten people.

Personal care services, like nail salons, tattoo shops, hair braiders, spas and barbershops, can open with IDPH safety precautions and capacity limits.

And all retail stores can open their doors to in-person shopping with IDPH safety precautions and capacity limits in place.
Places of Worship and Providers or Religious Services
Gov. JB Pritzker has lifted all restrictions on churches in the state after a challenge by the U.S. Supreme Court, and has issued a set of guidelines instead.

Those suggested guidelines can be found here:

[link removed]

Around the District

Staying safe, following social distancing guidelines,  and staying home especially if you are vulnerable is the best thing we can do to stop the spread of COVID-19.


Congratulations to the Class of 2020! While graduation may not have gone as planned, I want to let you know that we are very proud of your accomplishments. Best wishes for all of your future endeavors!

Thank You

Thank you to all of our first responders for your commitment and service to keeping the 79th District safe during the recent flash floods. 

Also, a continued gratitude to all the medical professionals who are serving our communities in so many different ways during this COVID-19 period.

Constituent Services

Part of my job as a state representative is to assist you with navigating problems with state agencies. From assisting gun owners with FOID and CCL applications to navigating the Department of Healthcare and Family Services, my office successfully assisted 5 constituents in the month of May. It is my pleasure to serve you!

Job Board

Are you looking for a new job or a change in career? Check out my job board <[link removed]> for job search resources and local listings. If you are an employer, check out the link above to find out how to send job posting requests.


Want something to do while you are at home? Respond to the Census! You may have received mail from the Census Bureau with a code. Head online and respond <[link removed]>. It takes 5 minutes and can mean more funding for our schools, roads, and human services!

I already responded! Please be counted and encourage others to be counted. We lose money locally and statewide for everyone not counted.  

When you're done, you can see how our country, state, county, and village is responding. Check out the Census response rate map <[link removed]> and encourage your neighbor to respond, too!

“Like” me on Facebook to keep up to date on future events and drives!!!

Office - Rep. Lindsay Parkhurst
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