From Jason Kishineff <[email protected]>
Subject George Floyd Protests
Date June 1, 2020 7:07 AM
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I wholly support people who are protesting peacefully. These people are protesting centuries of oppression, not just police violence but the whole system. People of color (black, Latino, Native American) have been given every excuse in the book for why we can't be equal now, people are despairing from the loss of loved ones or scared that their loved ones will be next. The fact that some property has been damaged is regrettable, but like JFK said "When you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable".

I do not endorse violence or destruction, however that right now, is the sound of the voices of these communities, particularly the black community, being heard. You weren't listening. Or maybe you listened for a second, said someone being murdered was a shame, and then moved on.

Civil rights activists and survivors of police violence have been saying "No justice, no peace". We have not received justice. Over and over and over, there is a complete absence of justice. Now there is no peace.

For years, for decades, for centuries black people have been seriously mistreated by an establishment whose very founders said "All men are created equal" but they didn't mean black men, and which uses a military force "to protect and serve", but they didn't mean black people.

I am so sad to see local store owners take the loss when it comes to replacing windows or merchandise, but there's an entire ethnic group, composed of millions of Americans who are systemically abused and mistreated, killed for no reason, as we've seen time and time again, how DARE you act like some store fronts are more important?

That said, several people listening to police scanners last night said a large number of the vandals were not from Vallejo. The Mayor said the same thing. And I've heard that repeatedly from multiple other cities that had looting. Until last night, I thought people were just making excuses for their cities. Not that I don't believe there were some people from Vallejo involved. I'm sure there were. The vandals seem oddly organized and consistent, nationally speaking, from my observation, and I wonder if there is a dark force behind it.

If you do go out to protest, please be safe. Please don't destroy property and don't steal from your neighbors. There is a very real, very important message behind these protests and, understandable or not, that message gets diluted and polluted by looters and vandals.
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"I need you to see this. White folk all over the country are burning shit down, destroying buildings, and leaving Black organizers behind with the mess. ⁣

Look who is trying to stop them. A Black woman. ⁣

Repost from @jamesjeffersonj⁣
Damn these black rioters and looters look white as hell?! 🐸☕️. Notice whose trying to stop them but they not showing these videos because it doesn’t fit their agenda of our image. #GeorgeFloyd ([link removed]) "

- Shaun King

Click the picture to view the video.
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"Opposition forces swell overnight, meeting forces loyal to Trump in cities all over the country. We don't yet know the number of casualties, nor do we know what atrocities are being committed by the forces loyal to Trump. WILL Trump be able to regain control peacefully or will he attack his own people? The US military is already on notice that they might have to move out at a moment's notice. Humanitarian aid groups are already gathering for the aftermath."

That's how this would be reported by the lamestream media if it were happening in Central America, anywhere around the South China Sea or anywhere with oil.

Protests have been happening all over the country for the last few nights, in growing numbers. I think there will be even more cities tonight. Tensions between people of color and police have been building for years and years and years.
Police mistreatment of black people, Latinos, Native Americans and even the LGBTQ community is not a series of isolated incidents, it is a systemic problem that people have endured day after day after day.

These protests, like former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura pointed out, are no longer just about George Floyd. They are about decades of systemic abuse. Civil rights attorney Melissa Nold ([link removed]) points out, we should keep all of the surviving families of police violence in mind. Whenever another shooting occurs, it is like ripping the scab off a wound. And although police violence is getting a lot of attention the last few years, many of these families suffered with very little support from their communities, very little media coverage.

If you're concerned about police violence in your city, ask your mayor and city council about forming citizens review boards. Look at your city and county budget too. Is your local government spending more on police and jails than schools and housing?
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Something you might not have heard, particularly if you get your news from lamestream media, Anonymous stepped out of the shadows after a 3 year hiatus. Click to watch the full video. On Saturday night, Anonymous took the website of the Minneapolis PD down. They also hacked the Chicago PD's radio, so that "Fuck The Police" by NWA played or there was interference.

I've seen a couple of people today making the point that white people have been looting for thousands of years. And when you look at the Egyptian and Greek artifacts in the British Museum, or Etruscan artifacts in the Hermitage (in Russia) you can plainly see that. And governments generally refuse to return conquered treasures.

It is true that strong armies always have looted. But today we have police confiscation and impounding. Even if you end up being found not guilty in court, if police have seized your property, you're probably not getting it back. If they've impounded your car, even if it's only for an hour, you're going to have to pay a couple hundred bucks just to get your car back.

In 2008, wealthy people caused a huge economic collapse and millions of people lost their homes. Those homes were essentially looted by people like Sec. of Treasury Steve Mnuchin and Sec. of Commerce Wilbur Ross, who combined own more than 150,000 homes through their shell corporations. And the same thing, on a bigger scale, is probably going to occur when the lockdown ends.

In fact, economic crashes have always been used by the wealthy to loot the Congressional purse. Congress are our employees and the money they create is OUR money, although we give Congress the right to spend it. When the auto companies or the big banks receive trillions of OUR dollars instead of filing bankruptcy and taking out loans, they have looted the treasury.
"You must let suffering speak, if you want to hear the truth."
– Dr. Cornel West
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