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Subject Ride Boards & Important Opportunity This Weekend
Date May 29, 2020 2:04 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
Hello Canadian Patriots!

Thank you to everyone who is working on promotion - hats off to the patriot who painted the banner above!

We have lots of developments…a few highlights:

• We'll have a (makeshift) stage for Canada Day, which means we can have speakers & entertainment!

• French translation of our website is in the works

• We are working with some VERY smart people on strategy

Meanwhile, here are some projects that we're looking for help with:

Ride Boards & Transportation


A lot of you are asking about car pools and ride boards - this is something we need help with. I have a plan for a rideboard, I just need someone who understands discord to set it up for us. Please email us and I'll give you the details.

More Promotion Needed on Social Media


We have a lovely new domain: ( [link removed] )

We want to see a whole lot more of it on twitter and social media…I haven't been on facebook, but I don't see many tweets about it on twitter.

We haven't saturated the echo chamber with news of the protest yet - it's still relatively unknown. So tweeting & posting about the protest will still go a long way right now - particularly to angry people on comment threads about all the awful news that's happening right now. Let's give people a chance to do something constructive with their anger.

Also - we have a print poster & web graphic ( [link removed] ) on the website,

but feel free to make your own posters & flyers too - and then send them our way.

For those of you emailing us wanting to volunteer, we're working to get volunteers coordinated into teams (we'll be recruiting for team leads & managers next week - more on that later). But in the meantime, please work on promoting on your own; put up those posters and share the protest on social media!

Help Needed: Recruiting at this Weekend's Protests


There are protests happening this Saturday in cities across the country. This is a great opportunity to unite all the patriots working on their own so we can collaborate in our nationwide movement. So please, print some flyers with the website, pass them out to the activists at your local protests, and coordinate with them to put up posters, highway banners, etc in your region. Maybe even do a flash mob, have fun with it ;)

These groups in each city will be key, because you can coordinate among yourselves without having to wait for directions from us.

You can find your local protests here:

[link removed]

[link removed]

So let's all get out there and work to save our country!

Thanks everyone!


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