From Andrew Romanoff <[email protected]>
Subject Town Hall Tonight
Date May 26, 2020 4:58 PM
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[ [link removed] ]The pandemic is widening the chasm between Colorado’s haves & have-nots
The coronavirus didn’t create inequality
in America. But it has exposed and exacerbated underlying gaps.

Those gaps—in wages and wealth, housing, education, and health care, among
other areas—are wide and growing. Closing them will require more than
incremental reform.

That’s why this election is so important. We have a chance not only to
flip the Senate but also to forge a new path—toward an economy that works
for all of us.

How do we get there? Join the discussion at tonight’s [ [link removed] ]Virtual Town
Hall: 5 pm MDT, Tuesday, May 26 at [ [link removed] ]

A gulf between rich and poor divides Colorado in ways the pandemic has
laid bare. As the Denver Post points out, “low-wage earners, and
particularly undocumented workers, are more likely to be laid off or to
stay in dangerous jobs out of fear of losing employment; incarcerated
people account for the largest known outbreaks in the state; black and
Latino Coloradans are disproportionately likely to catch the virus; poorer
families cannot adapt to online schooling as nimbly as wealthier ones; and
housing insecurity has skyrocketed.”

These problems reflect deep, structural disparities—fault lines that won’t
disappear when the pandemic ends. We need leaders who understand that.

[ [link removed] ]Join us tonight.

[5]Andrew Romanoff

Andrew Romanoff


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