From Roseanne Barr <[email protected]>
Subject Millennial Bartenders Fake Crying in ICE Parking Lots
Date May 23, 2020 1:04 AM
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[link removed] It's Roseanne Barr. Yes, that Roseanne Barr.

If you're like me, you're probably sitting home on government mandated quarantine wondering what the hell happened to your country. Every time you turn on the news you get the darndest feeling that you are no longer in the land of the free, but a hostage in a timeshare-style pitch meeting for communism.

You're tired of seeing millennial bartenders fake crying in ICE parking lots, virtue signaling their radical base of credit card hippies who think Greta Thunberg is an expert on infectious diseases while you're told that you are a deplorable human being for wanting people to be able to work and feed their families.

You're tired of thinking that you're the only sane person in a world gone crazy . . . trust me, I get it, BUT you're not alone.

You're tired, and so am I.
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You're wondering, how do we get off this crazy train?

It's simple; we send the socialist, Jew-Hating, Do-Nothing Democrats in charge back home to their districts that are covered in the feces of drug addicted homeless people they care more about than hard working tax paying Americans and replace them with freedom loving patriots in Congress.

And that's why I am writing to you right now . . . I have a close personal friend who is running for Congress in Florida's 21st District and she needs your support! [link removed]

This election is no longer simply Republican vs. Democrat - its Freedom vs. Tyranny! And this woman is the way back!

That woman is my good friend Laura Loomer! [link removed]

We need strong patriotic women in Washington representing you and me, and Laura is that woman.

I'm backing Laura Loomer - and you're going to back Laura Loomer [link removed] - because Ilhan, AOC, and the rest of the Democrats are TERRIFIED of her!

Donate now. Give her all the money you can [link removed] and then knock on your neighbor Bob's door and tell him to give you the $10 he owes you for beer money last November and give that to Laura too! [link removed]

If you want to send a young woman to Congress that will MAKE YOU PROUD, then YOU have to back her with all you got! [link removed]

Pony up and give Laura Loomer all your money! [link removed]

Thank you!

Roseanne Barr
Domestic Goddess
Crazy Lady
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Paid for by Laura Loomer for Congress Inc

Contributions to Laura Loomer for Congress Inc are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. Contributions from corporations, labor unions, federal contractors, and foreign nationals are prohibited.

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