From Andrew Romanoff <[email protected]>
Subject “Bold, persistent experimentation”
Date May 22, 2020 9:15 PM
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[ [link removed] ]Colorado unemployment rate surges to record high
I can hear the hammering when I wake up
each morning. A construction crew is installing a new roof across the

They still have work, but more and more people don’t. Nearly 39 million
Americans, including more than 476,000 here in Colorado, have lost their
jobs since the pandemic began.

This is not just a downturn. It’s a disaster—and it’s one that only bold
leadership can solve.

We must take every step necessary to help families and small businesses
weather this storm. But that’s not enough—we also need a massive economic
recovery plan.

Among the keys: building a clean-energy infrastructure by forming a
Climate Conservation Corps. It’s all part of the Green New Deal—a plan to
combat the climate crisis and create millions of good jobs.

Both Cory Gardner and John Hickenlooper oppose the Green New Deal. They
compare progressives who support it to Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin!

That kind of demagoguery is nothing new; President Roosevelt faced similar
attacks. But his courage and defiance helped lift the nation from a Great

We could use the same kind of leadership—and what FDR called “bold,
persistent experimentation”—today. Let’s start hammering Congress right

[2]Andrew Romanoff

Andrew Romanoff


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