ACT: For Freedom

Dear Jack,

Thanks to your support, ACT just had its best poll result in a decade. Tonight’s TVNZ poll has us on 2.2 percent, bringing 3 MPs into Parliament. With the election now 121 days away, the timing could not be better.

It’s time to send a message that this country doesn't belong to the social engineers, the bureaucrats, or the woke left who want to run our lives with our money.

The polls also say the left is well ahead. But a week is a long time in politics. Jacinda Ardern may be pleased she owns the Government’s health response to Covid-19, but she’ll be less happy about that come election day when the economic costs of the lockdown have become much clearer.

We can win, and ACT can hold the balance of power and deliver real change. We want to get to know more about you so we can campaign together. Here’s how you can help us win together.

Tell us which issues matter to you. Click on the issues which matter most to you:

Firearms Free Speech Tax Debt
Mental Health Red Tape Zero Carbon

Tell us more about yourself. The more we know, the better we can represent you. For example, if you give us your post code we can invite you to events near where you live. Update your post code here.

Join ACT. Membership is confidential, but it allows you to vote for our board and candidates, and get involved in campaigning. Click here to join ACT.

Volunteer. No campaign has ever had too many volunteers. Join our team here.

Donate. We’re about to hit go on our digital campaign and we need to reach as many voters as possible. Can you chip in? You may only be able to give $5, but every dollar counts: Donate here.

This year we have everything to play for; thank you for your support so far.

Yours sincerely,

David Seymour MP
MP for Epsom

Beth Houlbrooke
Deputy Leader

ACT New Zealand · 27 Gillies Ave, Suite 2.5, Auckland 1021, New Zealand
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