From George Buck <[email protected]>
Subject Decades of Service
Date May 17, 2020 9:48 PM
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Hi John,

I’m George Buck. I’m a former member of the 101st Airborne Division, President of the 101st Airborne Association (FL), an Army veteran, a retired firefighter injured in the line of duty, a counterterrorism and bioterrorism expert…. And I will be the one to knock out Charlie Crist in 2020!

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I have spent my lifetime serving our country. I think that lifetime of service qualifies me better than Charlie Crist to meet the challenges we are facing today!

I’m hard on Charlie for his missteps as a Congressman. And boy, has he ever had mistakes: Impeachment and the Green New Deal being some of his to blunders.

What that tells me is that Charlie Crist has no background that gives him a backbone. He has no conscience nor direction, and therefore cannot be trusted to govern. Heck, he went from Republican, to Independent, to Democrat in a matter of just a few years because he couldn't make up his mind. Charlie Crist is a total political chameleon of the worst kind!

So…. What gives me authority to make such an observation?

My lifetime of service began at age 14 when I I became a Junior Firefighter on Long Island.

My Dad started the first Junior Firefighter program on Long Island. I remember when I was training, I took my axe and tried to cut down the door of a burning training house. Dad walked over and said, “Try this”: he opened the door using the doorknob.

Good advice: Remember the basics, and use them.

I am always proud of my Dad; he passed on the family history of selflessness and service to me. I am a 4th generation firefighter in my family. One of my ancestors was the last volunteer fire chief in Brooklyn. I honored his memory by passing it along; my son is the 5th generation firefighter!


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Later, as an 18-year-old EMT, I had ambulance call - an injury to a child. I got to the house, ran around the back, and a mother handed me an infant. He was blue, about to die.

I performed CPR and revived the baby- he began to breathe and cry, thanks to God.

After, I was so wiped out that I simply had to sit down, right there on the grass. I calmly handed the infant to its mother - and I sat down, overwhelmed, and to be honest, I got emotional.

That experience solidified my drive to protect life of babies. Once you’ve brought a child back to life, to the enormous relief of his worried mother, how can you not be pro life? You can’t. Life is life, and my job is to save it. I have literally dedicated my entire professional career to saving people and to protecting this country.

Later, I wound up enlisting in the Army, as an Army firefighter. In that role, I served 4 years. There were only 138 of us in the Army; we were firefighters specifically trained for combat operations.


They called us the “Angels of mercy”, for we would repel out of helicopters to rescue people from above. My unit was always in the first wave of a mission, because as you can imagine, there are a lot of fires that need to be put out.

I was assigned to 101st Airborne, where I would meet my “band of brothers” that I continue to serve today as the President of the 101st Airborne Veteran Association on the Gulf Coast of beautiful sunny Florida. Airborne Veterans come down here every year where we celebrate the 101st Airborne and our brave heroes past and present.


While stationed in Hawaii, I responded to a car crash. The car was totally incinerated, as I tried to sort it out, but I did find a Bible that somehow, among the smoldering wreckage, wasn’t burnt.

God does exist. He wants us to stand our ground, love each other and fight evil wherever we can. And if we do, He will be with us no matter what.

My service also included service during the Persion Gulf War, as an operations analyst in the Army National Guard stateside I was permanently injured after a hard aircraft landing during a training accident. It wasn't a big deal considering my brothers and sisters in arms who are not with us anymore or are with us and are missing legs, arms, and have injuries far worse than me. But it did make me a disabled veteran. I received much worse injuries later in life as a fire fighter.

After leaving my Army firefighter job, I continued my firefighting career outside the military. I moved to Steamboat Springs, CO to be fire marshal, then on to Addison TX, where I would serve as lieutenant, inspector, and firefighter/medic.

Then, in 1993, my life changed again, and again I would sacrifice to protect our fellow citizens.

It was on a rescue call on St Patty’s Day. I was called to rescue a drunk driver from a flipped car, and when he woke up, his involuntary movements upon wakening caused me to be thrown against the wrecked car. I sustained a dislocated shoulder, torn muscles and tendons and herniated 2 discs in neck.

Ultimately, it required 3 surgeries, and my days of responding to emergencies were over.

But my service to the American people was NOT over!

You see, on my days off as a firefighter, I completed coursework to get my Ph.D. in emergency management at the University of North Texas. I was ready to take a lifetime of service and show others how to deal with emergencies.

I moved to St. Petersburg, FL for work over 25 years ago. I became a professor, and later director of the fire science program. I wound up writing and designing the first emergency management degree program in Florida.

I also took to writing during that time. I completed my first book, Preparing for Terrorism. I would wind up writing five more books after that - including Preparing for Biological Terrorism. Do YOU think Congress could use someone with that expertise right now, especially with the Chinese Corona Virus shutting down our entire country?

My expertise was enough such that GOP congressman Bill Young arranged a grant to start a National Terrorism Preparedness Institute. I would wind up being responsible for training the next generation of leaders who could respond to something like Coronavirus.

I would wind up writing the first Masters certification program in Emergency Management at USF. I was also the co-founder of Center for Biological Terrorism Defense at USF.

Ultimately, I visited 48 countries teaching and responding to disasters.

I was on the ground when the tsunami hit Indonesia a few years ago. In Bundeh Aceh, there were 230k fatalities. So many dead that people stacked them up on the streets to be taken away. It was my job to help the Indonesian government respond to the crisis and the recovery.


After all this…. Why run for Congress?

Simple. Because Charlie Crist pissed me off!

He and his staff hosted an informational event for wounded vets in my district. He sent a bunch of slimy Hill staffer kids to lecture to us - 50 years their senior - about how to access the broken VA system. Then Charlie saunters in, gives us lip service for two minutes, and rushes out without staying to shake hands or take questions.


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I never felt so talked down to in my whole life. I felt like I needed a shower after that Swampy experience.

We must stop Charlie Crist. Will you rush back $35, $60, $100, $250, or more right now so that I can put Turncoat Charlie out of work for what he did to the Republican party and to all of us?

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The Democrats won’t let him go easily. Nancy Pelosi knows she has Turncoat Charlie on a string, so she will send all of the Soros and Mini Mike Bloomberg money she can to help him!

So we need to raise an additional $35,000 right now to keep up with Charlie. That’s why I’m asking for your help.

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Defeating Turncoat Charlie won’t be easy. He’s a career politician, and someone who is just a little too cozy in DC. And he won’t let go of his meal ticket easily!

But as I always say, I like to kick ass and chew gum. And I am all out of gum.

Will you contribute $25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 or more to help me flip this swing seat from Blue to Red?

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Beat Charlie Crist, beat Pelosi. I can do it - but I need YOUR help urgently!

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For God and Country,


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Dr. George Buck, Jr.

101st Airborne Division

Republican Candidate for Congress, FL-13


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P.S. Every donation matters. Even $15, $35, or $60 or more will go a long way. But I must get it before the end of the month.

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Thank you and God bless. - George

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