From Tom Davies - Amnesty International UK <[email protected]>
Subject Coronavirus outbreak in refugee camps
Date May 13, 2020 5:04 PM
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Refugees at risk of coronavirus

Nobody is safe until we're all safe
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Refugee camp
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Dear John,

You’re crammed into a small tent with your surviving loved ones. You have very limited access to water, toilets and showers. And your only way to get food is to wait in line, in close proximity to many others.

On the Greek islands, 37,000 refugees are living in camps designed for just 6,095. They include older people, people with disabilities, pregnant women and children.

I saw these shocking conditions first-hand when I visited Lesvos in 2018. Social distancing clearly isn’t an option. If coronavirus reaches these camps, the impact will be catastrophic.

These refugees are already among the most vulnerable people globally. But your support could help fund campaigns to raise awareness of their plight. And together, we can increase the pressure on the Greek Government to act now to protect them.

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In recent weeks, three fires have raged through camps in Samos and Chios. Temporary homes have been destroyed, leaving 200 refugees even more vulnerable and exposed if the virus spreads here.

Meanwhile, the number of medical personnel is woefully insufficient. And refugees who arrived after July last year aren’t allowed to access public healthcare at all.

Could you help campaign to keep refugees safe?
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If the Greek Government acts now, deaths can still be prevented. That’s why Amnesty International is calling on them to:

Safely move people off the islands to appropriate accommodation on the mainland
Ensure the camps have sufficient medical personnel, hygiene products and running water
Allow migrants and people seeking asylum access to free coronavirus-related healthcare without discrimination.

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Many of the people in these camps have already been forced to fight so hard just to survive. But they’ve still not found safety.

We can’t let refugees become forgotten casualties in this crisis. Please support our vital campaigning work today.

Yours in hope,

Tom Davies
Priority Campaign Manager
Amnesty International UK

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