From Kelda Roys <[email protected]>
Subject What do birth control and coronavirus have in common?
Date May 7, 2020 10:27 PM
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Birth control and the coronavirus - what do they have in common? In Wisconsin and in Washington, Republican-appointed Supreme Court Justices are working to make it harder for people to stay safe and healthy. It's unconscionable.

This week, the Wisconsin Supreme Court heard oral arguments over whether to block Governor Evers’ #SaferAtHome public health directive. Legislative Republicans sued to help their big business benefactors -- to make workers to risk their own and loved ones' lives. Unconscionable.

As a small business owner and a parent of young kids, I know the tremendous strain that staying at home puts on all of us, especially vulnerable folks -- I can't wait for life to get back to normal! But staying home saves lives, and public health experts say we don't yet have the testing, tracing, and treatment capability to open up. The GOP doesn't care, and their hand-picked judges are eager to do their bidding. One justice even compared staying at home to the shameful forced internment of Japanese-Americans. Unconscionable.

Meanwhile, in Washington DC, right-wing justices are poised to let employers restrict their female employees' access to birth control. Contraception is essential healthcare for women -- why should your boss get to decide that viagra is covered but birth control isn't? Unconscionable.

The GOP has made it clear that they don't care about our health - pleasing big corporate donors and right-wing extremists matters more. I'm running for State Senate to put people first -- to ensure that every person has access to comprehensive healthcare including reproductive care, and to keep our community healthy and economically secure.

Help me stand up to the GOP and their hand-picked judges. Donate $16 today , $27, or $41 today to push back against the GOP's reckless, unsafe legislative and judicial agenda. Donate here: [link removed]

Thank you in advance for standing with us and standing up for health!

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