This Tuesday, May 5 is the launch of a national campaign that could have historic impact. It’s called “Once Again,” and it’s a grassroots upsurge to pick up where the Bernie 2020 campaign left off.

You’re invited to be part of this historic nationwide renewal!

Visit Once Again now and sign up to RSVP for Tuesday's livestream launch.

RootsAction is partnering with two other groups -- The People for Bernie and Progressive Democrats of America -- to make this happen. While corporate interests and wealthy elites routinely impose inhumane priorities with their undemocratic power, only intensive grassroots organizing can enable genuine democracy to flower.

We hope you’ll sign up for the Tuesday livestream to hear such speakers as former Bernie 2020 campaign national co-chair Nina Turner, the campaign’s national organizing director Claire Sandberg, People for Bernie 2016 co-founder Winnie Wong, Our Revolution board chair Larry Cohen, and RootsAction’s national coordinator Norman Solomon.

In the midst of a pandemic that is causing enormous human suffering due to systemic injustice, the political programs long championed by Bernie Sanders are more needed than ever. We can -- and we must -- carry on this fight.

It’s a fight that the Once Again campaign will insist must include a full commitment to Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, canceling student debt, and ending the wars.

Once Again will work to build support for Bernie Sanders in upcoming primaries, in order to reach the threshold of 25 percent of delegates required to bring proposals about the party rules and platform to the entire Democratic National Convention. Together, we can do it!

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