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Friend --

First, I truly hope that you and yours are healthy and staying safe during this crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us all in ways that many of us could not have prepared for or predicted.

We also know that some of what is happening could have been predicted.

Millions of Americans have lost their income due to COVID 19 - and with that, their ability to meet their basic needs. And while we are all weathering the same storm - we're not all in the same boat. Black folks, new immigrants and other people of color have never had access to the healthcare, housing, fair wages and paid time-off, needed in order to be able to withstand this storm. 

By taking action together for each other, we can do more than survive this crisis - we can become a place where we all can thrive. A place that we're all proud of. It’s time to represent for all of us.

Email Governor Newsom and our legislative leaders Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and Senator Pro-Tem Toni Atkins and urge them to cancel (forgive) rent and mortgage payments during this crisis!

Today on May 1st, millions of tenants and homeowners across the country will be unable to make their housing payments. Many of us are choosing food and groceries over rent – a choice no one should have to make.

We are turning our economic reality into political action, by going on strike today to demand rent and mortgage forgiveness! Governor Newsom has the power to cancel rent and mortgage payments for those impacted by the COVID crisis - join us in urging him to do it!   

The health and well-being of our children, our seniors - all of us - is at stake. Together we have the power to force the politicians to recognize our reality. Together we need to make them recognize that housing is a basic human right.   

We’re going to pull through this by pulling together. Contact Governor Newsom, Assembly Leader Rendon and Senate Leader Atkins to urge them to cancel rent and mortgage payments! 

In solidarity,

Patricia Mendoza, ACCE Member and San Diego Rent Striker

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