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Subject Our Canada Day - Update
Date May 1, 2020 2:04 AM
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Our Canada Day Update!

Dear Patriots,

Thank you all for signing up to our mailer! As I have pointed out, this groups larger mission is to educate and inform Canadians about the ills of globalism and the globalist agenda. It is now also being used as the organizational hub for Canada Day "Celebrations" on Parliament Hill. I do not consider this activity to being straying too far from our original and overall mission. In fact I think it works in concert with that mission.

So, in regards to said "celebrations", I believe we are still tracking toward Canada Day being the best day for this. Again, we will monitor things closely to see that the "curve" continues to flatten and/or a "second wave" will be upon us. We are seeing smaller regional an local protests propping up in a lot of different locations across Canada. I believe that is a good thing as long as it builds to something bigger and more effectual.

We are still lacking anywhere close to sufficient numbers committed to this prospective event. We presently have just over 500 people registered through joining our mailing list. Again, if this is something where we can actually effect change, we will require many many more people to join and commit. We will see how that goes in the coming days and weeks.

Finally I will ask you all a couple simple questions that you can in turn ask your fellow Canadians. Do you want to be seen as someone who sat at home and just did what you were told during the summer of 2020? Or do you want to be seen and remembered as someone who stepped up and stepped forward to fight for your freedoms? Are you content to just go with the flow and have someone else do the work for you? Or are you prepared to rise up to the challenge presented you? We have all been presented an incredible opportunity to show our government and show the world that we, the Canadian people, do not accept the destruction of our freedoms, we do not accept the elimination of our liberties, we do not accept the ceding of our country's sovereignty, or the decimation of our economy.

Please share the website and get people to sign up as commitment to attend what could be one of the most important days in our country's history!

**Kind regards,**

Team Canada

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