I sometimes say I “used to be” a nurse, but now in the face of this public health crisis, I have renewed my nursing license in the state of Montana.
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I started my professional career two decades ago as a registered nurse, eventually specializing in neonatal intensive care. I sometimes say I “used to be” a nurse, but now in the face of this public health crisis, I renewed my nursing license in the state of Montana this week to show how easily nursing licenses can be reactivated through streamlined procedures intended to build up the nursing force in Montana to help with increased medical needs.

With COVID-19 restrictions being loosened, we need our communities to be ready to continue caring for those in need and meet any increase of needs that may occur if infections rates grow. The Montana Board of Nursing has made it easier for nurses in Montana with inactive or expired licenses to renew them, as well as recognizing nursing licenses from other states to help meet the nursing demand in Montana. I am a practicing attorney and renewed my license to meet the call if my community needs me in that capacity. And I am devoted to continuing to improve the safety of our communities as Attorney General.

I am running for Attorney General to put the people of Montana first - and that means stepping up to help others when I see a need. My life’s work over the past two decades has focused on helping people and safeguarding the vulnerable.

There’s never been a more important time to elect strong health care advocates at the state level. As your Attorney General, I will always do what is right for Montanans. But in order to do that, we still need to raise $955 by midnight tonight to meet our end of April deadline. Will you stand with me and pitch in $5 to help us win this race?

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As a nurse, attorney, and legislator, I know how important access to health care is and have fought for it. I am the only candidate for Attorney General who has fought for your rights to health care by working across party lines and making sure you have the laws necessary to protect your rights.

I will always put people above politics and do what is right for Montana, but with less than two weeks until ballots arrive in people's mailboxes, I'm going to need your help right now.

Can you help us close our $955 funding gap by midnight tonight, and pitch in $5 so we can ensure a health care advocate is in the Montana Attorney General's office?

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Kimberly Dudik is an attorney, nurse, and state representative who's dedicated her career to fixing our criminal justice system, protecting children, and putting people above politics. She's running for Attorney General because Montanans need a fearless and qualified advocate. Will you make a grassroots contribution now to help her reach voters?


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