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Subject FFF Daily - August 10, 2019
Date August 12, 2019 3:56 PM
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** MONDAY, AUGUST 12, 2019
The state -- or, to make matters more concrete, the government -- consists of a gang of men exactly like you and me. They have, taking one with another, no special talent for the business of government; they have only a talent for getting and holding office. Their principal device to that end is to search out groups who pant and pine for something they can't get, and to promise to give it to them. Nine times out of ten that promise is worth nothing. The tenth time it is made good by looting 'A' to satisfy 'B'. In other words, government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advanced auction on stolen goods.
– H.L. Mencken

August 12, 2019
Should Libertarians Support Trump's Immigration Raids? ([link removed])
Libertarian supporters of immigration controls are remaining conspicuously silent about President Trump’s latest immigration raids. What’s up with that? Wouldn’t you think that people who support America’s system of immigration controls would be praising such raids? Actually, it’s a good thing such libertarians are remaining silent, just as they remain silent about the other enforcement measures that come with a system ...
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Indoor Vaping, Like Smoking, Now Up In Smoke ([link removed])
by Christine Smith
The Future of Freedom Foundation
“National Conservative” Policies Are Full of Oxymorons ([link removed])
by George F. Will
Washington Post
The Dangerous Foreign Policy of ‘National Conservatism’ (audio) ([link removed])
by Hunter DeRensis
with Scott Horton
The Scott Horton Show
Passing Laws, Passing Taxes and Passing the Buck ([link removed])
by Veronique de Rugy
Why New Laws Against White Supremacist Violence Are the Wrong Response to El Paso ([link removed])
by Trevor Aaronson
The Intercept
Crime, Punishment, and the State ([link removed])
by Robert E. Wright
Tulsi Gabbard Has Done the Unpardonable: Criticized US Global Hegemony ([link removed])
by David Bromwich
ICE Deported Him to a Country He’d Never Seen. He Died 2 Months Later. ([link removed])
by Alissa J. Rubin
and Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs
New York Times
It Was Bird Poop ([link removed])
by Radley Balko
Washington Post
“Weaponized” Currency and Mining Limits: China’s Responses to Trump Take Shape ([link removed])
by Alexandra Stevenson
New York Times

Milton Friedman: The Forgotten History of the Godfather of Conservative Libertarianism ([link removed])
by Brian Miller
Milton Friedman is the Godfather of American conservative libertarianism. He was, at a time when it was deeply unfashionable in official circles, ...
We're All Enemies of the State ([link removed])
by John W. Whitehead
We’ve been down this road many times before. If the government is consistent about any one thing, it is this...
The Case for a Coercive Green New Deal? ([link removed])
by Richard M. Ebeling
Social and economic crises, real and imagined, often seem to bring out the most wrongheaded thinking in matters of government policy. Following the 2008 ...
The Libertarian Angle: More Mass Killings in America ([link removed])
by Jacob G. Hornberger and Richard M. Ebeling
FFF president Jacob Hornberger and Citadel professor Richard Ebeling discuss the recent shootings in El Paso and Dayton....
Fat Chance ([link removed])
by Laurence M. Vance
Should employers have the right to discriminate in hiring on the basis of obesity? The Washington State Supreme Court recently ruled that “it is ...
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Jacob Hornberger at Brookfield Academy ([link removed])
Tuesday, August 13, 2019
Brookfield, Wisconsin
Speakers: Jacob Hornberger
The Libertarian Angle ([link removed])
Tuesday, August 13, 2019
World Wide Web
Speakers: Jacob Hornberger
and Richard Ebeling
Jacob Hornberger at RPI Conference ([link removed])
Friday, August 23, 2019
Dulles, Virginia
Speakers: Jacob Hornberger
The Libertarian Angle ([link removed])
Tuesday, August 20, 2019
World Wide Web
Speakers: Jacob Hornberger
and Richard Ebeling

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