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Subject April 2020 Newsletter
Date April 20, 2020 6:17 AM
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Cynthia Brehm, Chairman, Republican Party of Bexar County
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Republican Party of Bexar County
Republican Party of Bexar County

For upcoming Senatorial Conventions: 19, 21, 25, and 26 dates, locations, and times please call headquarters at 210-824-9445.


Pelosi Considering Investigation into Trump’s Handing of Coronavirus

Speaker Pelosi is looking at possibly opening an inquiry into President Trump’s response to the coronavirus, and why it took him so long. Conversely, she never investigated former President Obama ignoring the epidemic when thousands had died, and Obama waited 6 months to respond! President Trump took less than a month, and this could be another impeachable offense?
Pelosi and company have no ethics. Instead of taking credit for the fact that while they were trying to impeach Trump, he had little he could do. Further, while China lied, Trump could not have acted, yet these same Democrats stick up for China and attack Trump? Why are they serving in the US, maybe they should all move to China, they could better serve their masters there.

USAA Suffering Backlash After Seizing Stimulus Checks

USAA is suffering backlash over garnishing stimulus checks from their customer’s accounts that were overdrawn. “Since they were outed, USAA has redeposited the money back into their customer’s accounts. [The] response was swift and blistering on social media to USAA’s actions after they were first reported by the New York Times and The American Prospect.
This morning, USAA reversed course, announcing it will allow members with negative account balances to access the full amount of their stimulus checks. For members who have overdrawn accounts at USAA Federal Savings Bank, it will pause collection for 90 days from the date the stimulus check was deposited.”

Google and Apple Team Up to Fight Coronavirus

Google and Apple launched a major joint effort to leverage smartphone technology to contain the COVID-19 pandemic… The companies plan to …make it easier to use Bluetooth wireless technology to track down people for who may have been infected by coronavirus carriers. The idea is to help national governments roll out apps for so-called contact tracing that will run on iPhones and Android phones alike.
The technology works by harnessing short-range Bluetooth signals. Using contact-tracing apps [the phone] would gather a record of other phones with which they came into close proximity. Such data can be used to alert others who might have been infected by known carriers of the novel coronavirus, although only in cases where the phones’ owners have installed the apps and agreed to share data with public-health authorities. Software developers have already created such apps in [other] countries.
Privacy and civil liberties activists have warned that such apps need to be designed so governments cannot abuse them to track their citizens. Apple and Google [stated] in a rare joint announcement that user privacy and security are baked into the design of their plan.


Governor Abbott Planning to Reopen Business
Governor Abbott plans to unveil an executive order with guidelines on how businesses can reopen. “… [He stated, I] will be providing an executive order talking about what will be done in Texas about reopening Texas businesses,” saying economic activity can resume “in a way that will be safe for that economic revitalization. We will focus on protecting lives while restoring livelihoods. We can and we must do this.”
On March 19, Abbott issued an order to close certain businesses, including schools, restaurants, bars, and gyms to limit the spread of COVID-19.
He went on to say, “We must defeat COVID-19 with the only tool that we have available to us. We must strangle its expansion by reducing the ways that we are currently transmitting it. We are doing this now, today, so that we can get back to business as usual more quickly.”

AG Paxton Appealing Texas Judge Who Ruled Voting by Mail
“Texas state Democrats, who are suing for all Texans to be able to vote by mail-in ballots because of COVID-19. A state judge said Wednesday he will issue an order allowing mail-in ballots for someone concerned about getting the virus. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton will appeal this ruling. Paxton said that someone fearful of COVID-19 does not meet requirements. According to the Secretary of State's office website, in order to qualify for a mail-in ballot, a person must fall under one of these categories: 65 years or older, disabled, be out of the county on election day and during the period for early voting, or be confined in jail, but otherwise eligible.
Texas Republican Party Chairman, James Dickey does not believe the system should be changed. “There is nothing more secure, than you walking in making your vote, reviewing your vote and then walking out. There is nothing more secure than that,” said Dickey.

Gov Abbott and AG Paxton Being Sued Over Virus Measures
A group of conservative activists and some pastors from Houston are suing Governor Abbott and AG Paxton over the executive order issued to help stop the spread over the coronavirus; claiming their Constitutional Rights were violated. The group accuse the governor of “imposing draconian, unconstitutional requirements” on Texans. Attorney General Ken Paxton is also a defendant in the suit.
One of the group members cited “We are one nation under God, and ‘In God We Trust’ is on our money,” … “For us to have our Freedom of Religion and the Right of peaceful Assembly taken from us? … It’s just not tolerable.”


Primaries Postponed Until July
The primary runoff election has been moved to July 14. Early voting will begin Monday, July 6... In Governor Abbott’s proclamation, he said holding the election in May would go against the social distancing needed to slow the spread of the coronavirus and could put voters and election workers at risk… Abbott suspended election rules to let Texas cities and school districts postpone their local elections from May 2 to Nov. 3.
This decision was prompted when the Democrats filed a lawsuit claiming citizens would be putting their lives at risk voting at the polls and began demanding voting take place only by mail. We cannot allow that to happen. How many times have we heard of dead people voting by mail? This would be another opportunity for another stolen election.

Stay at Home and Mandatory Face Masks

Mayor Nirenberg and County Judge Wolff have teamed up to require Bexar County citizens to wear facemasks beginning Monday, April 20, 2020 in order to combat the coronavirus. The orders formally mandate individuals to stay at home, as social gatherings outside of a household are prohibited to avoid spreading the novel coronavirus.
Businesses exempt from the stay at home order are health care services, infrastructure and public works, construction and public transportation, information technology, grocery stores, pharmacies, childcare, financial institutions, gas stations, and the media. Businesses and operations that are part of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors identified by the National Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency are also exempt.

Free Coronavirus Testing

Who can get tested? Anyone living in Bexar County who shows symptoms of infection by the virus — such as a cough, a fever or shortness of breath — is eligible. A physician’s referral no longer is required.
How to go about it? An appointment is required to get a test. Patients who believe they have symptoms may call 311 and select option 8. Or use Metro Health’s “self-screening” tool at and complete a short questionnaire. If the online tool determines a test is necessary, the patient can call 210-233-5970 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. seven days a week to register
When and where? The San Antonio Pre-Approved Testing Center is conducting tests seven days a week at Freeman Coliseum, next to the AT&T Center. The testing center’s operating hours generally are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Appointments are required.
What does it cost? The COVID-19 test is free, whether or not you have health insurance.
How long to get results? Generally, the wait is five to seven days.
Who else is testing? Some hospitals and private medical providers. Patients showing symptoms can get an appointment with Texas MedClinic at or call one of its offices. Those seeking a test there must undergo a medical exam for a fee that most insurance plans cover. There’s no charge for the test.
If symptoms are severe? Patients with severe symptoms should seek immediate care.^ vii

Chairman’s Commentary

In the past few weeks, we have entered another new era in our democracy. A single virus has uprooted a flourishing American economy and has destabilized the entire world’s economy. It is reminiscent of how the world changed after 911. The world we once knew and grew accustomed to shifted into a world of travel restrictions and stringent guidelines. With COVID-19, we are confined and restricted from travel, except for absolute necessities. Schools have been shut down, with students losing an entire semester, thereby throwing off graduation dates. Religious gatherings have been halted; paper products, canned foods, are being hoarded leaving countless shelves empty in grocery stores. Those that don’t hoard are left to do without. Interestingly, a significant portion of our society began purchasing an extraordinary number of firearms and ammunition. The question I have is, for what reason? Why begin hoarding? How many times have we seen epidemics occur around the world, yet in this country, the
system didn’t shut down because of it?
Some of you may disagree with me, but as I said in my last newsletter, I remain suspicious about this pandemic. My opinion has not changed. Consider the source—who owns the news media? The Democrats do. Who has been opposing and knocking everything President Trump has been doing? The news media and the Democrats. They know he will be re-elected by a landslide. So, they knew they had to come up with something that would totally unpin everything he has accomplished. What could make that happen—a pandemic that would reverse everything he has done by shutting down business. If the business community comes to a halt, then the stock market will fall. If our economy falls, its reflective of the job President Trump has been doing, and they hope that it will be enough to keep him from being re-elected. It’s a vicious circle. Am I the only one that thinks this way? Please, I welcome your comments. Whatever your opinion is, I know this: God is still in control regardless of what the Democrats try to

In God We Trust,
Cynthia Brehm
Republican Party of Bexar County

Upcoming events have been cancelled as long as the quarantine remains in effect.

Trump Gear-- we have it. If you call the office number (210) 824-9445, the call will be forwarded to my cell phone. I will be happy to meet you and provide whatever you need. We have t-shirts, yard signs (4’ X 8’ and 18” X 24”), political buttons, Trump pins, Trump caps, Trump mugs, and bumper stickers.

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