From Andrew Romanoff <[email protected]>
Subject Dog whistles and bullhorns
Date April 16, 2020 5:05 PM
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[ [link removed] ]GOP leader compares stay-at-home orders to Nazism
To hear his critics tell it, Jared Polis is
running a “police state” like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union.

These attacks come not only from right-wing radio shows but also from
Republican lawmakers.

House Minority Leader Patrick Neville invoked the Third Reich, accusing
the Polis administration of promoting a “Gestapo-like mentality.” State
Senator Jerry Sonnenberg suggested the governor’s stay-at-home order was
worse than communism.

The GOP’s rhetoric is not just over the top. It’s dangerous—and familiar.

Donald Trump has spent years stoking the same kind of fear and resentment.
In place of a dog whistle, he uses a bullhorn to embolden extremists and
demonize his opponents.

That’s the last thing we need, especially during a pandemic.

At a press conference yesterday, Gov. Polis patiently explained the
difference between the requirements of public health and the tactics of
Nazi Germany. “We act to save lives,” the governor said, “the exact
opposite of the slaughter of six million Jews, and many gypsies and
Catholics, and gays and lesbians, and Russians, and so many others.”

It was a powerful moment, made even more poignant by our state’s first
Jewish and first gay governor. But we all have a responsibility to make
this point clear.

Demagoguery has no place in the White House—or in Colorado.

[2]Andrew Romanoff

Andrew Romanoff


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