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Subject [AVFCA] Mid-May Article Summary
Date May 19, 2024 2:13 PM
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Mid-May AVFCA Article Posts

In case you missed our articles published by A Voice for Choice Advocacy writers in the first half of this month, links are below...Be sure to sign up for AVFCA's Substack to get these weekly articles [link removed] [[link removed]] or check our Blog [link removed] [[link removed]] or our new Medium [link removed] [[link removed]] or LinkedIn Channels [link removed] [[link removed]] .

[[link removed]] Titanium Dioxide: Food Additive Runs Rampant as Nanoparticles Slip Through the Cracks

As if titanium dioxide in its previous powder form wasn’t bad enough (posing multiple health risks), even worse is the compound in nanoparticle form. Using nanotechnology, scientists manipulate the molecules to become so tiny, they are invisible to the human eye. From there they are able to be inserted into a plethora of food and cosmetic products.

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[[link removed]] The Confusing Case of Hair Dye: Inconsistent Findings Leave Consumers Bewildered

Conventional hair dye typically comes with a host of unwanted ingredients. Some of these include resorcinol, ammonia, and PPD, a coal-tar coloring agent made from petroleum, and found to be carcinogenic. If you’ve been dying your hair for decades, and are wondering about the health risks, check out what the research shows. In addition, there are many natural alternatives that might be worth trying out.

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[[link removed]] Kava Root: A Natural Remedy to Ease Anxiety and Lull You to Sleep

Kava bars are popping up all across the United States. What’s the big deal about kava? There’s plenty of research to support the claim that consuming kava can have beneficial effects on sleep and relaxation. So much so that many people choose kava (tea or supplements) for anxiety and insomnia. Side effects are controversial, so it’s best to do a thorough investigation before starting a protocol.

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During the first half of May 2024, AVFCA brought awareness to specific observance days by sharing our original stories that matched these themes:

World Press Freedom Day: “Censorship: Lessons From The Past”

When there’s a veil in front of us, it’s impossible to see the whole picture. Fine lines and details that are critical components to empowered decision-making are obscured. When what we see and hear is tainted, filtered through the lens of censorship, our choices are not birthed from authenticity. We must fight to remove the veils that blind us. [link removed] [[link removed]]

International No Diet Day: “Plant Toxins: How These Antinutrients May Be Injuring You”

Explored the concept of "antinutrients" found in plant foods. More specifically researched were lectins, found in foods such as whole grains, beans, potatoes, and nightshades. Lectins can be hard on your digestion, and are linked to leaky gut syndrome, as well as autoimmune disorders. [link removed] [[link removed]]

Our team also reads hundreds of articles each week, and those of interest are shared on our social media platforms. However, once or twice a week, our team reads an article that is profound or shares a perspective that is new or from an expert that AVFCA feels should be highlighted. These articles are shared on our Substack.

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