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Subject What’s next
Date April 7, 2020 4:27 PM
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[ [link removed] ]The Climate Crisis Will Be Just as Shockingly Abrupt
The pandemic dwarfs every other priority.
Is there any point in talking about anything else?

Well, yes. We must take action to make the next pandemic—and other
catastrophes—less likely.

Climate action should top that list. We’ll need a Green New Deal to put
millions of Americans back to work, build a clean-energy economy, and
shift as rapidly as possible from fossil fuels to renewables.

The alternative: a rise in greenhouse gases will continue to wreak havoc
on our environment and our health. That means not only more frequent and
more destructive storms, floods, wildfires, heat waves, and droughts but
also more deadly outbreaks, as warmer temperatures drive the spread of
disease-carrying species.

The case for climate action is overwhelming. Unfortunately, so are the
political forces that stand in our way.

Republicans are not the only culprits here; the fossil-fuel industry
subsidizes senators on both sides of the aisle. We need leaders willing to
take on Big Oil, instead of hiding behind a pandemic to weaken emissions
standards—as the Trump Administration did last week—or pursuing business
as usual.

In 12 weeks, Colorado’s voters will get to weigh in, by choosing a nominee
to replace Cory Gardner and combat the climate crisis. That decision will
shape not only the course of our recovery but also the fate of life on
Earth for decades to come.

“What’s happening to the planet isn’t going to stop just because we’re
dealing with another crisis,” as The New Republic points out, “and this is
no time to ease up on the climate fight.”

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Andrew Romanoff


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