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Date April 2, 2020 4:10 PM
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[ [link removed] ]‘Medicare for All’ Support Hits 9‐Month High
“In the face of the pandemic, the only
program proving capable of swift, aggressive action to address
COVID-19—most recently, by providing financial relief to providers—is the
federally run Medicare program.”

That’s how Morning Consult helped explain a new surge in support for
Medicare for All. As millions of Americans lose their jobs, most voters
now favor a universal, single-payer plan.

In [ [link removed] ]my view, that means strengthening Medicare, by adding coverage for
vision, dental, hearing, and long-term care; increasing reimbursement
rates for Medicare providers in rural and other underserved communities;
and lowering the age of Medicare eligibility to 0, as the program’s
founders originally proposed. It also means making insurance portable, not
dependent on an employer.

The link between health insurance and employment is mostly an accident of
history—the product of decisions made in the 1940s. There’s nothing
particularly healthy or logical about it.

Today’s system leaves one-quarter of the population uninsured or
underinsured, drives half a million families into bankruptcy each year,
and costs more than 35,000 Americans their lives. Health care was in
crisis long before this outbreak hit.

We can’t solve those structural problems in the midst of a pandemic. But
we’ll never be able to do so as long as the for-profit insurance
industry—parroted by the politicians on its payroll—continues to block

Polling now shows most Americans have had enough. For the first time in
nearly a year, Medicare for All commands support from a majority of not
only Democrats but independents as well, along with more than 30% of

Conquering the coronavirus requires testing and treatment for all; no one
should go without care. Let’s remember that lesson—and demand real
reform—when the pandemic ends.

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Andrew Romanoff


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