From Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr. <[email protected]>
Subject Chairman’s Update: Ballot Uniformity, Expanding Pre-K Access, Investing in America, and More!
Date March 15, 2024 8:01 PM
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This week I published an opinion piece in the New Jersey Globe stating my support for ballot uniformity and advocated for the legislature to spend the rest of this year working on the legislation, with any changes to be implemented next year. Such a time frame will allow for the proper design implementation and necessary voter education.

I believe strongly that the important work being undertaken today by different factions of our Party will only serve to strengthen us as we move forward. With Donald Trump on the ballot, that fight begins with the very preservation of our democracy.

Throughout our history we have proven that constructive criticism and the clash of ideas can often lead to the next great compromise. I believe a fair and equitable ballot initiative undertaken and codified by our Legislature and with input from county clerks, advocates, and with public participation, is an important next step for New Jersey voters.

You can read my full op-ed here. [[link removed]]

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Governor Murphy was at Millridge School in Secaucus this week to highlight the impact access to preschool is having on New Jersey families as part of his administration’s record investment to expand access to preschool statewide. The visit also coincided with the announcement of another round of Preschool Education Aid (PEA) that will allow an additional 16 school districts across the State to establish or expand high-quality preschool programs.

“Access to early childhood education helps set the tone for the rest of a child’s educational career by providing innumerable benefits that will follow young learners throughout their lives,” said Governor Phil Murphy . “From advanced literacy skills to enhanced social and emotional development, access to high-quality preschool programs has a tangible impact on our children. That is why I am proud to announce continued investments to expand access to preschool for families across the State. Today’s announcement builds upon our work to make universal preschool a reality in New Jersey so that more children have the tools and resources necessary to succeed.”

I am proud that Democrats across New Jersey have taken the lead in advocating for expanded access to education. By prioritizing initiatives that promote broader availability of educational opportunities, we are investing in the future of our state and ensuring that all individuals, regardless of background or circumstance.

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Throughout the month of March, the New Jersey Democratic State Committee will celebrate Women’s History Month with a weekly spotlight of trailblazing women leaders throughout the state.

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In celebration of Women's History Month, we shine a spotlight on Paige Wolf, a dynamic force in media and public relations for over two decades. As the founder of Paige Wolf Media and Public Relations, she has dedicated her career to providing top-notch communication services to a diverse range of clients, including nonprofit organizations, political campaigns, and mission-driven businesses.

Paige is also a fervent advocate and activist. As a testament to her commitment to the cause, Paige proudly serves on the Executive Board of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee Jewish Caucus, contributing her skills to further the Caucus's goals and initiatives.

Her remarkable contributions have not gone unnoticed. In 2023, Paige received the prestigious "Camden County Woman of Honor" award from the Camden County Federation of Democratic Women, recognizing her outstanding leadership and dedication. Paige Wolf stands as a shining example of a woman making a significant impact in the world of media, politics, and advocacy. Join us in celebrating Paige during Women's History Month as we honor her achievements and dedication to advancing Democratic values.

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We are also proud to celebrate Casey Carty, a beacon of empowerment and advocacy in New Jersey. Casey is a fervent supporter of special needs and marginalized communities, lending her voice and expertise as the municipal chair, fostering unity statewide. Her dedication knows no bounds, as evidenced by her pivotal role as the second vice president of the NAACP, where she tirelessly fights for the rights of the overlooked and underserved.

A proud alumna of Emerge, and actively engaged as a Rotarian and Elk, Casey's spirit of service runs deep within her. She's woven into the fabric of community service, exemplified by her involvement with a non-profit dedicated to housing and homelessness advocacy, where she tirelessly works to address pressing social issues head-on.

Casey's impact extends far beyond her professional endeavors. As a devoted mother to Zion, a loving wife to Al, and a steadfast friend and sister, she epitomizes resilience and reliability, embodying the very essence of strength and support for her community. Join us in celebrating Casey Carty, a true champion of change and a guiding light for women everywhere.

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President Biden traveled to Milwaukee, Wisconsin this week to announce $3.3 billion to reconnect and rebuild communities in more than 40 states, including those that were divided by transportation infrastructure decades ago. These projects will increase access to health care, schools, jobs, places of worship, other essential services and opportunities, and will strengthen communities by covering highways with public spaces, creating new transit routes, adding sidewalks, bridges, bike lanes, and more.

To date, the President’s Investing in America agenda has mobilized 47,000 infrastructure projects across the nation and $650 billion in private sector manufacturing and clean energy investments that are revitalizing communities, creating good-paying jobs, and improving the health and safety of families across the country. President Biden is building an economy from the middle out which means investing in all of America.

This program is also a key component of the Administration’s commitment to advancing racial equity and support for underserved communities as defined in President Biden’s executive order. [[link removed].]

— Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.

P.S. Ramadan began this week, marking the start of a month-long period that holds profound significance for Muslims worldwide. I want to extend my warmest wishes for a blessed and spiritually enriching journey ahead.

Ramadan Mubarak!

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