Well-CALM #3

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Exercise has huge benefits for your mental and physical wellbeing. And can be an absolute chore, let’s be honest. But do it with mates and you're way more likely to hit your goals and 100% more likely to have some great chat. That’s science. Now come meet some new mates...
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Walk, run, cycle, swim... against living miserably

40p of every pound invested in our life-saving helpline comes from people like you taking on all sorts of challenges, like those who saddle up and ride against suicide for the Nelson’s Tour De Test Valley in Hampshire, and the runners staging a full CALM takeover at the London 10k. Want to take on a big’un? Brighton Marathon!  Fancy something a little less fast-paced? How about the Lost Hours Walk - our very own CALM event. Or, if you want to get some mates together, here's some inspiration for your own 5-a-side tournament. There's no limit to what you can do for CALM. Got an idea? Get involved!
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CALM Runners Crew

Join the clubs

CALM Collectives bring together people who share a passion. Our CALM Runners Crew powerfully links exercise, community and wellbeing. If you prefer moving on two wheels, the CALM Cycle Club might be your thing. Connect online and at meet-ups for good chat, training inspiration with expert coaches, and plenty of encouragement from sound people who just get it. It's less about the quickest times and longest distances and more about looking after your body, your mind and your mates. Free, accessible and open to all.
CALM Runners Crew
CALM Cycle Club
Meet Paul

Paul's story

Two years back Paul Plowman would have told you he hated running. But after a couple of conversations with mates and the team here at CALM, he was hoodwinked into running the 2017 London Marathon to see if training might help in managing his mental health. Spoiler: it did.
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Do something wild

All sorts of people do all sorts of weird and wonderful things for CALM from climbing mountains, to rowing across oceans, running the Americas, cycling across Asia. Casual. If you'd like to do something extra extraordinary...
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If you or your mate are in need of immediate help, CALM’s helpline and webchat are open 5pm to midnight every day 0800 58 58 58. If you've recently lost someone to suicide, you might find the Support After Suicide website helpful.
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