From Maxime Bernier <[email protected]>
Subject Are you ready to fight?
Date March 2, 2024 5:01 PM
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Are you ready to fight?

Today, the People’s Party of Canada is reopening its application process to select our candidates for the next federal election! <[link removed]>

It’s still not certain when the next election will be — it could be as soon as this spring, or as late as fall 2025.

Regardless, the reality is we have to get to work now to make sure we have candidates representing every riding in the country, and to give those candidates time to spread our message in their communities.

I’m building a team of fighters.

Patriots who understand the problems in our country and realize the establishment parties — the NDP, Liberals and Pierre Poilievre’s so-called Conservatives — just don’t have the solutions.

So many people believe the situation is hopeless, they don’t know what they can do to help fix the country they love so much.

This is your opportunity to make a difference.

I need passionate fighters ready to speak out against mass immigration and the impacts that it has on our economy, healthcare/education systems, and culture.

Ready to speak out against toxic transgender ideology, and the globalist climate change agenda.

Canadians that just want to put Canada First!

If you want to be a PPC Candidate, please click this link to find our candidate application <[link removed]>.

If you know someone you think would be a great candidate, forward them this email!

To learn more about the application process, click this link to view our application process outline <[link removed]>.

The application window will remain open until Monday, April 22nd.

If you have any questions regarding the candidate selection process, whether your riding already has a candidate or not, or how you can otherwise get involved, please respond to this email.

I’m already fighting, are you ready to join me?



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PPC - Gatineau, QC, Canada

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