A message from James Carville

John — it’s James Carville. I need to make sure you saw this BOMBSHELL news:

Mitch McConnell just announced that he is stepping down as Senate GOP leader in November.

Here’s the good news: Mitch McConnell will be gone as leader. He worked with Donald Trump to promote their extreme, out-of-touch agenda in the Senate — everything from tax cuts for their wealthy allies to lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court. Good riddance!

But here’s what I’m worried about: Donald Trump is going all-in to take back the Senate this year. He’s already endorsed 6 extreme Senate candidates, so there’s no telling which Republican clown he’ll handpick to be the next Senate GOP leader.

But I can tell you this: They’ll be even more extreme than what we’ve seen right now. Just imagine someone like Ted Cruz, Rick Scott, or — God forbid — Tommy Tuberville in Mitch McConnell’s place.

We can never let Donald Trump’s lackeys take back another ounce of power — much less the Senate majority. It’s time to get serious.

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— James Carville


Credit: JD Lasica/Socialmedia.biz