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Brexit Negotiations At A Halt  
March 27th 2020
Dear Friends and Supporters

Firstly, we would like to thank many thousands of you, our supporters, who countersigned my recent letter to the Prime Minister commending him for his actions in response to COVID-19, but also encouraging him to not lose sight of the future by dropping the ball on major ongoing issues about BREXIT. This is such an important issue for our global future, every single one of your signatures will have made a difference. The final letter, which was sent by e-mail and posted to Boris on Wednesday this week, with a list of all the signatures received by Wednesday, can be seen HERE.

We understand many people’s reservations about keeping up the pressure on the Government over Brexit in these trying times, but we fundamentally believe this pandemic will pass and when it does Brexit negotiations should have been continuing in the background, using the latest secure modern technology - meaning Boris Johnson (when back on his feet after testing positive for COVID-19) can return his full focus to these vital outstanding issues and can hit the ground running. There is a world beyond COVID-19 and we must make sure we are ready to embrace it when it comes, as a global forward-looking ambitious nation, free from the restrictions of Brussels.

However, despite the obvious secure technical solutions available to the Government and the EU, negotiations on a trade deal have seemingly ground to a halt, with both sides’ chief negotiators - Michel Barnier and David Frost - self-isolating after showing symptoms of COVID-19. It seems baffling that despite both sides having hundreds of deputy negotiators, talks seem to be at an impasse.

For some reason they seem to have dismissed the idea of video-conferencing at the moment as a way of continuing the talks! This is illogical, especially when the European Council is already using secure video-conferencing for many of the EU’s other day-to-day complex meetings and discussions. The UK Government, the national press (and I am sure big business) are also using video-conferencing now. The most recent Cabinet meetings have been conducted with the Prime Minister in this way, so there should be no concerns over the security of information discussed.

One of our supporters recently e-mailed us about sophisticated communications technology used by the army during the 1980’s to communicate with soldiers in the field. I am absolutely certain this has been updated and can be used now. Plus, since we are all members of NATO, our armed forces, as well as those in Europe, should be very capable of setting up secure and clear communications with each other!

So, why should negotiations with the EU be treated any differently to other operations of Government – unless, of course, there are still many self-interested factions who are trying to stop or reverse BREXIT?

It is not just negotiations with the EU which are still underway andneed attention, if we eventually need to Leave the EU on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms. It is vital we agree trade deals with other countries from all over the world. This will also improve our hand in negotiations with the EU.  

So, we have also written to the Secretary of State for International Trade, Liz Truss MP to ask her what progress is being made in negotiations with our potential trading partners - especially the USA. You can read this letter in the links at the end of this e-Bulletin. You can also see a list of all the Trade Agreements the UK has signed so far, as well as the ones under negotiation in a useful table we have made HERE.

While time continues to pass since we formally left the European Union, Parliamentarians have voted to close Parliament this week from last Wednesday evening, to give themselves yet another elongated break over Easter and perhaps longer! Yes, for some MPs it is only right they do not come into Parliament owing to the potential to spread COVID-19. However, at this vital time - where so many crucial decisions are being made by the Government - shouldn’t the various Select Committee’s continue to function (even electronically) so the Government can still be seen to govern and be scrutinised? It’s not as if questions can’t be asked of Ministers via video chat etc. The Prime Minister is doing it almost every day.

Although perhaps, just like the mysterious, rarely-sighted, silver-coloured Brexit 50p coin, some MPs are simply trying to stay invisible to the General Public at this crucial time!

Finally, we would like to send our best wishes to Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and to the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, who have both tested positive for COVID-19, and to the Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty, who is also self-isolating - they all have mild symptoms so far. Also, we send our best wishes to all of our supporters and their families if they are suffering from the virus or know people who are. And very importantly, our best wishes to all those who are helping to care for those who are sick – and to those who are also self-isolating, adhering to the Government’s advice. If we stick together and continue with the advice, let’s hope we will get through this. If Boris decides he is not well enough to continue in his role for a while, it has been announced he would ask Dominic Raab, the First Secretary of State and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs to temporarily take over some of his public duties.

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That’s all for this e-Bulletin.
Best wishes from Jayne Adye, Campaign Director and the Team at Get Britain Out 

P.S. Please don’t forget, we still need your help with donations to make sure we secure the best Brexit for the United Kingdom in the ongoing trade negotiations with the European Union and the rest of the world. My team are now working from home to keep themselves and colleagues safe – and so am I – but we still need to pay for our office and all our other office costs as usual.

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Huge thanks again to everyone. GET BRITAIN OUT will continue to fight for as long as it takes to try and make sure we get the best relationship and free trade deal with our close neighbours in the EU - as well as with countries around the world - for our UNITED KINGDOM’S GLOBAL FUTURE.

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