From Julia Levin <[email protected]>
Subject Canada: Bailout people not polluters!
Date March 27, 2020 6:39 PM
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Invest in workers and a resilient future.

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[link removed][[email_blast_KEY]]] [[link removed]] [[link removed]] [[link removed]] [[link removed]]Hi John,

During this challenging time, Canadians across the country are coming together
and caring for each other in incredible ways - whether it’s staying put at home, offering to do groceries for a vulnerable
neighbour, or having businesses switch up production lines to produce masks and
protective equipment.

We are pleased to see the recent investments made by the federal government to
protect and support workers, families and small businesses combat the effects of
the COVID-19 pandemic. But some big polluters are elbowing their way to the table to demand big
bailouts - executives and lobbyists from the oil and gas sector and the plastics
industry. Both are using this crisis as an opportunity to increase the size of the
subsidies their sectors already receive, and push for rollbacks in climate
protection and tackling plastic pollution. We can’t let the federal government use billions of dollars to bail out
industries that compromise a climate safe future, and contribute to the
pollution and degradation of our environment. Now is the time to make investments which will increase employment, improve the
ability of society to withstand future threats and help transition to a cleaner
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[[link removed]]The COVID-19 pandemic requires government action to support workers in Canada -
protecting and supporting workers and families should always be the priority.
Beyond that, we can’t let government support be at odds with our collective
commitment to tackle climate change, fight plastic pollution, and protect clean
water and nature.

With the right investments, we can build an economy and society that are
stronger and more resilient than before the crisis began. Join us and act now!
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In solidarity,

Julia Levin
Program Manager, Climate & Energy

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Environmental Defence Canada
116 Spadina Avenue, Suite 300, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2K6

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