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It’s Precinct Caucus Day!


Across Minnesota, our best and most loyal Republicans are getting ready to show up and chart our Party’s course for this high-stakes election year.


Please make plans to attend your Caucus tonight at 7:00 PM.  You are EXACTLY the kind of patriot we need guiding our Republican Party at this crucial time.


And please also offer me your support.  It’s been an honor to serve you for the past two years.  Since I arrived in Congress, we flipped the House and FIRED PELOSI, but that was just the beginning of our fight to save America from socialism.


As you know, Joe Biden is a disaster at home and abroad.  I have firmly endorsed President Trump and am excited to see our Party rallying around him.  Polls show we are well-positioned to defeat Biden, and even Minnesota is up for grabs in the presidential race.


On top of that, Democrat control of the U.S. Senate is hanging by a thread.


But my friend, none of this will matter if we don’t hold on to the House of Representatives!  We must give President Trump the partners he needs on Capitol Hill to implement his agenda, especially on BORDER SECURITY.


If they have the power, Democrats will just harass, investigate, obstruct, and impeach him again and again!


And they will bury us deeper in debt while keeping our borders wide open.


Republicans must hold our narrow House Majority.  That’s what makes our work here in southern Minnesota so critical. 


I am anxious to work shoulder to shoulder with you to win this November and secure the bright future we all want to leave for the next generation.


But that work really begins tonight, and your voice is important!


So please attend your Precinct Caucus.  Please offer me your support – I will deeply appreciate the honor. 


And then please stand with me in the high-stakes fight against Biden’s socialists between now and November.  


Thank you and God bless! 


Brad Finstad


P.S.  If you don’t know where your caucus is being held, you can look it up at the Secretary of State’s website


I’m going to be visiting a lot of Caucus locations tonight, so maybe I’ll see you later.  Thanks again.

PO Box 923

New Ulm, MN 56073