From Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr. <[email protected]>
Subject Chairman’s Update: Combating the Opioid Crisis, Investing in America Tour, and More!
Date February 16, 2024 9:58 PM
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  Links have been removed from this email. Learn more in the FAQ.
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Today, I share bittersweet news as our dedicated Executive Director, Saily Avelenda, is embarking on a new chapter outside the party apparatus after four years of outstanding service. Her tireless efforts have left a mark on our party, and we are grateful for her unwavering commitment to our shared Democratic values.

Saily has played a crucial role in shaping the direction of the NJDSC. Her achievements have not only influenced the political landscape in New Jersey but have also contributed significantly to our party's success in recent elections. As Saily passes the torch to a new generation of leaders, I express my deepest gratitude for the dedication and passion she brought to her role. Her accomplishments will be remembered as a testament to her commitment to democratic ideals, and I’m certain that she will continue to play an important role helping Democratic candidates and causes in the future.

With Saily's departure, I am pleased to announce the appointments of Leslye Moya and Kinn Badger as Co-Executive Directors. Leslye, our Deputy Executive Director, and Kinn, our Coalitions Director, have demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication to our party's goals. I have full confidence in their ability to continue the momentum and drive progress. I look forward to collaborating with Leslye, Kinn, and the entire NJDSC team to address the challenges ahead and to further strengthen our party's position in the state. Our collective dedication to the principles of democracy will guide us as we navigate the political landscape and work towards a brighter future for New Jersey.

Once again, thank you, Saily, for your exceptional service, and congratulations to Leslye Moya and Kinn Badger on their well-deserved appointments. Together, let us continue our journey towards a more prosperous and inclusive New Jersey.

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Governor Murphy announced the allocation of over $95 million from New Jersey’s Opioid Recovery and Remediation Fund [[link removed]] to support critical programs tackling the opioid crisis, connecting New Jerseyans with tools to reduce overdoses and other harms of substance use, and supporting the treatment and recovery of residents struggling with substance use disorders.

“Today we are making a historic investment in life-saving and life-changing programs that will connect those suffering from a substance use disorder with the help they need. By bringing together service providers, subject matter experts, and those who have experienced firsthand the impact of the opioid crisis, we have identified key programs to maximize the State’s Opioid Recovery and Remediation Fund,” said Governor Murphy. “Together, the services being funded will empower families and individuals in New Jersey who have felt the devastating impact of addiction, giving them the resources necessary to support sustained recovery.”

Governor Murphy's commitment to addressing the opioid crisis in New Jersey is commendable. His strategic focus on harm reduction, prevention, recovery support, treatment, and housing reflects a comprehensive and compassionate approach. By actively involving service providers, subject matter experts, and those directly impacted by the crisis, the Governor has ensured a well-informed and collaborative strategy. This ensures that it will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the lives of New Jerseyans struggling with substance use. His leadership sets an inspiring example for other states grappling with similar challenges.

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February is Black History Month, and we are proud to dedicate this month to recognizing the outstanding contributions of Black Caucus members and leaders in our state. Throughout February, we will shine a spotlight on individuals who continue to make history, serving as exemplary community leaders and advocates for the rights and well-being of the Black community in New Jersey.

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This week, we are excited to highlight Quinton Law, Moorestown's Deputy Mayor, whose remarkable journey has etched a chapter of groundbreaking achievements in the town's 340-year history. As both the youngest and first black council member, Quinton’s trailblazing spirit has shattered barriers and left an enduring impact on the community. Currently serving as the NJ Government Relations Director for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), Law passionately advocates for crucial healthcare policies. Moreover, he holds the influential position of Southern Vice President for New Jersey Young Democrats, amplifying the voices of the youth in the realm of politics. A first-generation college graduate and Division 1 student-athlete with a BA in Economics from Bryant University, Quinton embodies dedication, accomplishment, and a steadfast commitment to fostering positive change in his community and beyond. We are thrilled to celebrate his historic contributions and ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive and equitable future for all.

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We are also eager to highlight the work and leadership of Assemblywoman Shavonda E. Sumter who currently represents the 35th Legislative District that includes parts of Bergen and Passaic County. She has served in the executive leadership as Deputy Speaker and Majority Conference Leader. In addition, Assemblywoman Sumter is the first woman to serve as the Chair of the New Jersey Legislative Black Caucus.

Assemblywoman Sumter recognizes that her legislation transcends her district and affects the 9 million people in the state of New Jersey. She is a staunch advocate for job growth, women's health, voting rights, civil rights, and criminal justice reform. Assemblywoman Sumter has championed legislation addressing Black Maternal & Infant mortality in the state and recently, the Governor signed her voting rights legislation into law that will restore voting rights for more than 80,000 individuals who are currently on probation or parole effective March 2020.

Shavonda is a staunch advocate for access to health care services including mental health care. Her career in mental health services spans over 20 years working with health systems throughout the state that included HackensackMeridian UMC Mountainside. Currently, Assemblywoman Sumter is the President and CEO of Children’s Aid and Family Services. She prides herself on hard work that her parents Charles and Bonnie Williams instilled in her.

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This week the Biden-Harris Administration kicked off its fourth Investing in America tour highlighting how Bidenomics and the President’s Investing in America agenda are growing the economy from the middle out and bottom up—not the top down.

The tour will demonstrate how the President is delivering for communities across the country. President Biden’s investments are lowering costs for families, creating good-paying jobs, and advancing opportunity for all Americans.

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The Investing in America tour focuses on cutting costs for American families, growing our clean energy economy, rebuilding our infrastructure, and creating good-paying jobs along the way. To date, the Administration has now launched over 50,000 infrastructure and clean energy projects and mobilized over $640 billion in private sector clean energy and manufacturing investments.

Administration officials will call out Congressional Republicans who voted against the President’s agenda yet continue to claim credit for its transformative impact. While the President is busy delivering for the American people, House Republicans are fighting to give more tax cuts to wealthy and big corporations, raise costs for prescription drugs and utilities, and cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

— Chairman LeRoy J. Jones, Jr.

P.S. The delegate application for the 2024 Democratic National Convention is now open through March 6th! New Jersey has 146 delegates and 20 districts under the DSP, and we’re committed to our goals of having a diverse and equitable delegation. Interested in being a pledged delegate? Apply now at [[link removed]]

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P.P.S. Join our Veterans Caucus for their first quarterly meeting with special guest Senator Troy Singleton on Thursday, February 22! Senator Singleton will be discussing legislation he recently sponsored to support veterans. The event is virtual and a Zoom link will be sent upon registration. RSVP here! [[link removed]]

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