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Subject Senate bill loots America. Time for Pelosi to "seize control."
Date March 26, 2020 1:37 AM
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[ [link removed] ]turn on image to see HuffPost headline

[ [link removed] ]SIGN THE PETITION: Speaker Pelosi, please seize control of this process
from Mitch McConnell. Have the House pass good bills that help families
and hold corporations accountable.

The text of the Senate bill just got released -- and it's a giant check to
the Trump re-election campaign.

It puts trillions in the pockets of his corporate donors, allows Trump to
repeat his 2016 fake populist rhetoric that will deceive Americans, and
blurs the line between Democrats and Republicans in a way that will hurt
people and depress turnout in 2020.

[ [link removed] ]This is what happens when Mitch McConnell drives the process. Sign our
petition to Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging the Democratic House to "seize
control" of this process and send lots of good bills to the Senate -- now.

Over and over, the American people are told that there is 'no money' — for
student debt relief, for Medicare For All, for a Green New Deal to create
millions of jobs and save our planet. And now, at the moment when the
American people are most in need, our coffers are being looted by the
wealthy and well-connected.

Huff Post reports, "The new law would establish a $4.5 trillion corporate
bailout fund overseen by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, with few
substantive constraints."

Senators should oppose this bill or insist the corporate slush fund be
removed. Every hundred billion dollars of corporate bailouts now allow
Republicans to cry poverty every time Democrats propose real solutions to
help people in the future.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called this bill "terrible" for coronavirus
victims in his state and called on "the House to make adjustments." Voters
elected a Democratic House in 2018 to stand up for the American people.

[ [link removed] ]Starting right away, the House should start sending multiple good bills
to the Senate and dare them to oppose popular proposals that save lives
and put workers ahead of corporate bad actors. Sign here if you agree.

The House should go further than the Senate and pass more money for
people's basic needs like water and housing, cancel student debt and
expand Social Security benefits during this crisis, and fully fund voting
by mail in every state.

Any money to corporations should come with airtight conditions like no
firing workers during this crisis, no stock buybacks ever, workers on
corporate boards, a $15 minimum wage, and Americans getting voting stakes
in companies that get public money.

[ [link removed] ]Nothing good happens when Mitch McConnell drives the process. Sign here
to urge Speaker Pelosi to seize control -- and pass good bills through the
House now!

Thanks for being a bold progressive.

-- The PCCC Team

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